94 – is driving while in hospital so I do not just a lot of momentum there for everything everything that says from the momentary so we need the other ticket I'm sure it says the spelling is my name is very similar but the spelling is long the spelling does is on these documents and Omni docket itself well where do the spelling error I actually all right what-what-what spelling I but you first you capital T so your problem is that the discount is correct when it's written in capital letters and stay on the capital or kings well yes well there is that and not in frustration now your carbonation no I said not a person you're not a person in the matter corporation what are you a Christian man and so how how is the parts of you with you in your status where you have is efficiently managed government well I'm this year on the basis of special and they're harassing quarters animal threats of further further violent force and imprisonment for me well let me do this that if Jamie's Perry Miller isn't here you're not gonna acknowledge that that's you then what I've got hour to complete part two matters where the defendant has trouble not zamyla me at all the reports for somebody not showing up on these charges is to have me arrested I'll request a warrant a TV sir all right watching you monitored arrested that old catfish interact on governments your nonsense I'm going to give you one more chance you want to deal with these as the defendant James Perry Willard because if you sir that's it you don't want to acknowledge that's who you are that I'm going to direct that means Harry Willard be arrested whoever that is that the officers may find out that satisfied you don't put your hands on me no you don't put your hands on the line not don't lay your hands on me no I'm allowed to videotape you can as I am don't put your hands on me you can't touch me lutely can't touch my pop reaching here okay so I'm allowed to reveal now I'm not going to leave leave she's in my bubble I'm feeling you're safe right now I need to rest right now you're in my bubble you need to eat anyway no no need to step away you're in my bubble you need to I don't need to leave us you do no I don't yeah you didn't need three good reasons on why I need to leave I need to see some identification right no you don't need to see identification would you like to be arrested why are you arresting me you need to leave why am i are you arresting me to leave now there's no reason why you need to because you're not you know me ID on occasion I don't really give you identification yes you do no I don't yes you do no I do not would you like to be arrested under extra why am I being arrested why am I being arrested leave if you can't give me a reason on why I'm being ready that you can't arrest me you need to leave no I can't you need to leave you're trespassing you trespassing you are public property this is not this is a court house so you need to leave you must leave don't touch me don't touch me no I'm not going to leave you need to leave you take that that bad right there gives you the authority to be over no you are a person just like me you'll turn tell me what to do so you can respect my space and why I am directing your space no you're not you're in my bubble I'm not yes arm's length is a bubble here in my bubble you step into my bubble yes you yeah we I don't need to eat you do need no I don't do you even have a matter I'm a McKenzie friend you need to leave it's pretty simple you need to leave you need to leave yeah no I don't yes then give me reasons on why I said I'm not trespass you're okay then give me proof that I am trespassing are you here for a matter I'm above your own you mean to leave no I don't need to leave yes you do no I do not yeah no I do not you do no I don't to do no I don't my name is James yes my Christian name is James Perry capital G lowercase a mes no not mr. Willet I don't recognize that title I'm sorry I'm not having to made an argument I'm asking for cancer – oh I don't understand why I need while you're trying to make me acquiesce to paperwork that I'm just requesting it to be corrected if it's not a big deal why can't you correct the paperwork I did so no I just sign railroad me they don't hit what are you gonna do there's no present right hang in there I joined them didn't wanna hear nothing that I had to say and I've seen the entire I came in the door so I'm not completely surprised you're sitting there walking the entire time I'm sure that they spent all morning talking about how to get with they did the exact same thing the last one because I went into the crown so I deserves a crown in order so abatements to correct the paperwork and he would see this dr. linen alerted the and then they did the exact same thing I sit there watching it every single person that comes up there they will get them to confirm that they are today they railroaded right through me hey same thing last happy then they arrested on trumped-up charges didn't show me any targets and then the RCMP couldn't get me out of there fast enough there are four bar down there trying to get me to sign paperwork just to get me out of there so many things correctly spelled on because this is the whole thing the only reason that they get money out of all these people here that was felony in the Soudan culture when supplier we going through this I'll get stuck in low history of it what's actually going on in there because it's a to me take note of me