mr. lucky all Just for Laughs comedy
festival Kevin Hart research lol that J up L hi I just got back from vacation I
went to the dr any white girls looking to go missing they let you from there
miss you know what it’s all about Dominican Republic we went through a
single girls trip you girls do that and you girls go on vacation with their
friends then your girls know it’s just code for sucking and blacking out there’s always that one girl on the trip
ruins your fun because she’s abstinent she got too much of Jesus in her life
judging you for having fun you shouldn’t do that it’s not very Christian of you
should be not close to your mouth like that in 20 minutes later she’s out on
the dance floor it’s not very Christian Tiffany get your life together you we
ended up at an all-inclusive couples resort does anybody want to take a guess
it was not included at all-inclusive couples resort for single girls sir
it’s know you were looking at my soul and you knew the answer note closed
siento no carne no carne party No Mas carne lekar net comme la familia
cerca de la piscine oh no moss all the pineapple you can eat you guys like
pineapple it ruins the enamel on your teeth you know it doesn’t do that we’re
learning slowly what the better fruit is it’s I was sexually frustrated on this
vacation I realized what it felt like to be a man every single day I was like
projecting my anger to the hotel maid that’s rude she doesn’t deserve that I
walked into the hotel room they make her towels into the shapes of animals and by
the fourth day of a platypus I got a little angry at Rosalita I walked in I
was like not today Rosalita not today I kicked that thing right off the bed now
not today can I get
towel can you just put two hand towels together make something phallic kept
you’ve seen it do you know what it looks like can you call a cousin is there like
a bus it’s as a conjugal jail loop I will suck a jail right now interesting
man lot of sex everybody having sex four of
us sorry guys I don’t know about here but in America
we have like a huge problem with sexual communication a lot of repression going
on you guys open you like it in the streets it’s an issue I realized that as
an American woman I feel like I have to teach men and I’m ok with that but
sometimes I want to be taught and this guy was going down on me one time and
cunnilingus is a major issue I know it’s important to learn about geography and
cultures but I think there should be a class and how to teach men to go down on
women and all the men are looking at me like Cuba but also can you teach me your
ways I’m not down in any dude in this room but in my experience when men have
gone down on me it feels like they are the ringleader of a crazy clit circus
they’ve lost control of the elephant is stampeding the monkeys are stabbing
babies throwing fecal matter people are flooding the streets terrified it’s too
much you guys put everything on us at once just all your as women we’re just
trying to grasp onto one sensation while you’re down there with all your tricks we’re like a robot shutting down we can
no longer compute all of the data that is being entered into our system we need
to shut the motherboard down it’s too much if I can encapsulate all the sounds
and sensations that have occurred to me in that instance it’s just been like
this like what do you blow why are we blowing who
in this one what do you Smokey the Bear what are you
blowing on before you put some heat on this thing what are you guys doing with
this what is this two in the pink one in this none in the stink none in the stink
ever I don’t even know your last name the stink is a privilege not a right get
out of the stink Trevor okay you all know that Trevor trying to get in and
can you guys just trim your nails can you trim your nails down a bit can we
get a soft square before you turn our peach into a Nightmare on Elm Street
back it up strategize think about it you can’t just go in there willy-nilly
you’re too flashy you’re like a flashy athlete taking
three-point shots we don’t need that square up to the basket learn the
fundamentals before you get flashy on the coochie court square up we need a
nice set shooter just get right in there put consistency and pressure on the hall ladies no come on and if you guys can’t
handle that we understand just hold your head still stick out your tongue and
we’ll do the rest of the work