I will not lead the party in any future
general election campaign. I will discuss with our party to ensure
there is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that
the party will take going forward. And I will lead the party during that period
to ensure that discussion takes place and we move on into the future. Brexit has so polarised and divided debate
in this country. It has overridden so much of a normal
political debate and I recognise that has contributed to the results that
the Labour party has received this evening, all across this country. The media intrusion on people’s
lives is very high indeed. And the attacks that take place against
family and loved ones of politicians continue. And they are disgraceful and frankly,
they are disgusting. On a thank my three sons for the huge support
they give me and thank my wife, Lara Alvarez, for all that
she puts up with because of the way in which the media behaved towards me,
towards her and indeed towards my party during this election campaign. And the fundamental Labour message
about justice and equality within our society is going to be one that is there for all time,
because it is the very core of what my party believes in and what
I will always advocate on behalf of my constituency and on
behalf of my party.