mr. Michael Jeffries who is our engineer assigned to us from Thompson had bitten the engineering firm that we contracted with or retained for a period of time to help us with projects and you're going to actually talk about the sewer project and the water asset management grant that you mentioned and can you explain to everybody about the pressure valve situation no truck thank you for coming and and we appreciate you being here to help us with this okay I'll start with the pressure valve this position all right forget hi all right so that I know have been an issue and a concern with location where that pressure valve is now we've gone back and examine to all the documents in our hydraulics engineers agree before that old time was taken out and I don't have the elevations for that particular tank but let's say it was to make the math easy 23 feet so you get one PSI for every 2.13 therefore the pressure coming out of that tank at the bottom of the tank was 10 yes that's the way that did existence so in the lower parts of town you were likely seeing pressures anywhere from 90 to 95 psi pressure reducing valve was placed at the tank side to replicate the conditions of the old tank so so when the water from the new tank was coming in ideally the pressure coming out of that valve should have been 10 psi relatively so you should not have seen any changes in pressure based on the readings that we've taken you've got about 50 coming 50 psi coming in roughly 20 psi coming out then I don't know if you guys attempted to adjust that not yet okay that's awesome so they're on the works today that's one option but that then you would say 90 psi lower parts of town you're seeing 100 psi now about 140 seen that is I can't don't know those where that houses some live it oh really didn't there's another concern we need to address there and I'm up the hill from him I'm at a higher elevation than he is and I'm at 125 130 consistently that night shots picking so then our other concern would be if this is if there is a bypass that we are not aware of around that Valve whereas you see all of the pressure from the Newton which we could glean from any of the research that we had but that doesn't mean it doesn't sit right so I have a hundred and forty psi that would be my guess is somehow somewhere in this is my brakes given by that valve so that's that those big so what would you take one online which beginning that would that would make sense that bat was there duplicating the old tank and if it's higher than that by more than the 10 psi that the gauge reads then there's a there's something getting there's a somehow we're getting pressure around that down but there's that part of what you can look at with it that that's exactly where we would be going with the asset management plan the Virginia Department of Health offers a grant for most localities are looking to have an asset management plan it basically is your owners magnet for your water system so what what we would do is give the grant money do that assessment which would include mapping in the system inventory everything and we would have to interview everybody that wouldn't have anything about what's in the ground because one thing we can't tell you in should be part of your plan would be how old their lives are but in their 80 years they've been 10 years so we need that information and all of that would be combined into your asset management plan when you would need to say to replace water meters these water meters are out of a service like those type of things this valve that valve that's where that plan will come into play and ideally could identify ideal no guarantees that we could find where that is where that bypass is not working or working okay so one more question of their service with that asset management study that you're talking about doing would that help us to evaluate and possibly locate where we're losing our water it would give us an idea of where to look certainly I realize it there's another part of our budget process a year this year when we started digging really deep into everything the town is losing several hundred thousand gallons of water at every month that we're not being reimbursed for this is water that we're buying from Allegheny County and paying forward and then let our meters at your homes are rid and Wendy pilots out up before she sends out the statements where sometimes as much as five hundred thousand gallons difference but between them and we did a ballpark senior somewhere between twenty-five and thirty-five thousand dollars a year that we're losing and water fees that we're paying I tonight mokuba and I don't mean to take out your time but but this kind of goes hand-in-hand to er has had two days without Union County down here trying to detect leaks they didn't find anything virginia woolf Water Authority came up twice in the ER with two different types of apparatus and they have not been able to locate any leaks of this magnitude until we have reasonable and someone in County guys too and they're pretty good was dancin to take care of but if they can't find it or else do you look well that's you know how long has it been going on you're missing this much water I can't answer that I know that has been going on for at least a year and we just have found it because now realize it we never looked at it we never compared what was coming what we were being billed to a turtle on what we're collecting it from our meter team we just we sent the pills I had the bills got paid I realized looking back on it that that was a mess up and Lich in the entire building process but it's a glitch that's been going on for some time and like I said the only reason we found at this time is because we were looking so closely at all of our numbers and we were just didn't add up and one of the possibilities that we've been told is that it could be very well described in our meters because all of our meters are quite frankly outside of their life expectancy and they start slowing down when they register if I'm correct in that so even though the boys are agreeing to meters accurately the meters might not be accurately recording the water used and we've actually identified as it three or five high five meters in town using those little exclusion meters we bought for the swimming pools compare that run specific amount of water through that compare it to the meter for the house and we've replaced five meters already that were off four of them were reading to the smaller amount of water going through it one of them was reading too much water going through it so they were getting a big normal Street high through one of those one too much most of it miss birth layer where that hurt okay so the other one was right down there by YouTube they walk behind you so we know that there's problems we just need to identify make a move for different fixed and that's what this grant that you're talking about can and will do to get us on the right path for that Creek these are ran out there by new meters I can look into that I'm trying to find you guys as much money Zack fast that's all true all right hungry that are we done with the waterside yeah somebody has a question if I have any questions for me that I could try to answer okay next and relative to the biggest issue I think financially facing the town there's the sewer problems that has been clearly identified as inflow and infiltration there's no way around that inflow when you have direct water coming into your sewer line roof gutters foundation drains potentially somebody's yard rate if they just time it I mean there's all kinds of direct flow into the sewer that's inflow infiltration when you have crack manholes your sewer pipe has been disjointed water is cut ground water through rain storms getting in the sewer system that's clearly what's happening there may be other issues but when you see gigantic flow rates during a rain event that's iodide that's what we call so what we have done based on the research that I've been able to accomplish here and reports that I found going back to the 1980s we've come to a conclusion and that it's not a conclusion but a method of moving forward with the Department of iron mental quality potentially the USDA Rural Development any funding agency that we can talk with what we'd like to do is go ahead and put together preliminary poor based on all the things that we've seen start the funding application process at a minimum with the ddq based on what we feel fairly confident there hasn't been much change you haven't replaced 100 feet of silver lining here or 200 feet there is that probably a fair statement so based on the reports that the last report generated in February or updated February 2016 I think we can use that information put together a preliminary engineering proposal set up a meeting with DEQ that's my that's my goal at this point and see what it's going to take we'll have preliminary budget numbers on how much that would cost I gave you an order of magnitude a few weeks back just sit down with them this is what we have this is how much we think we will cost what can what can we do so right now that's that's where we're at is to put all this together to get to the funding proportion of how can we pay for this because quite honestly guys it's not inexpensive and you guys don't want to have that but no one can afford the race that would be required to get this fixed so you need them you need to have input and that's that's where we're at tonight so the way I understand what you told us the other night that if council decided tonight to authorize you to move forward this is more or less just a fact-finding availability of money mission and we're not obligated to anything until we that's correct we get you to the point where we're helping you if you choose to do so we will help you fill out the the documents that we need to put together to get this funding application through and a representative from the DQ will be here with us to let us know let everyone know what rates and terms what's available how much they can do I can't speak for DQ I can just get us to that point and the USDA if we need to give those folks involved in anybody in any other funding agency that we can fund you've assured us the other night I think that I remember this correctly back after there's any money and have any type of ailable you are going to find it whether it be grant money are zero percent financing money low percentage refinancing debt forgiven the giveness possibilities I mean I'm not going to use word free money because no money is ever free we've learned that several times so but this is the next step and then once you come back to town to the council with your figures and availability to funds then that's when the decision will be made whether we're going to go forward with the project that's great that right yes hey you have any questions for Mike about this who's next step in the process or the sewer replacement no Kawada it's a Jimmy Pritchard er Donny Wendy anybody out here have questions chazzy you've got a drifter who could work on there find anybody getting money for a fall locale very well now bearing in mind they're coming to grew up Southwest Virginia coal mine country which is kind of a different those those folks were able to get their hands on a lot more funding then yeah once you get out of the coma I got you both hit the money's about and and we have what I like to refer to as a subject matter expert if it's out there you'll find it and peace peace but grudgingly been willing to help me get through it were you based out of where you look at it my home office is Radford right I work a lot of times out of my my home which is in David so I'm not too far you're from types of forward from blazing torch any other questions for Mike anybody else have any questions for him before he goes up the floor Mike thank you so much something so what you need tonight is for us to take about it on asking you to apply for the asset management for the water system right and to organize you we're seeing into the next step of the sewer replacement project to find the funding for that terrific I think it would only be fair that we have to say that there is a monetary amount attached to this next step for five of money and the figure you gave us the other day it was ten thousand nine thousand dollars and change which ironically without any knowledge beforehand is exactly the amount of money we budgeted next year for the initial part of the engineering cost so and you've agreed that the job length of the first of July that's right we have these budget goes into place so the money is budgeted just not till July and like I said it worked out really nicely that it was so close together on that and that was ironing now we didn't know we didn't know as far as money we can allocate and winning talk to you at that point so sorry listen we appreciate it yes sir