Jacob Zuma On The Guptas And A New Political Party

Jacob Zuma On The Guptas And A New Political Party

July 11, 2019

The former president, Jacob Zuma, addressed
comments from a pro-Zuma group that was considering a new political party with him as the leader. Their main aim was to take on the African
National Congress in next year’s election. The group‚ Mazibuyele Emasisweni‚ said
they were in consultation with other members nationally, to ensure that the party became
a reality. But Zuma disregarded the plan. He said that those who thought he would leave
the African National Congress, and start a new political party "don't know me very well”. Jacob Zuma said that the judicial commission
of inquiry into state capture is being unfairly used to target certain people. Speaking during a home-coming prayer organised
by the KwaZulu-Natal religious leaders in Nkandla on Thursday 31 May 2018‚ Jacob Zuma
said that he has a problem with the term "state capture", because the phrase was not being
used correctly. "If you say there is a state‚ which is the
government‚ it means it has three pillars, which are parliament‚ the judiciary and
the executive. If you tell the world, that in South Africa,
there is a state capture‚ it means that you say all these three pillars have been
captured. This is used to denigrate other people‚"
he said. Jacob Zuma said that people were accused of
state capture for merely speaking to a certain family, a reference to the Guptas‚ who are
accused of looting the state. "What I have heard is that they say there
is a family that was speaking to a few people or ministers or anyone. You can't say that because you have spoken
to those people, you are then in state capture‚" said Zuma. Thanks for watching. Please comment, like, share and subscribe.

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  1. I wonder whether Zuma understand what it means to be on retirement, he is every where may he thinks he would still make a difference, without looking at his track record as a former President. I don't think it ever dawn to him that through his poor leadership, RSA went into junk status, and his lieutenants turned a blind eye of who is Zuma is when he is at the helm, If he was engineering black industrialist, high technological specialists and other science prospects within the black community, I think he would be adding value, and everyone will applaud his initiatives, but he associates himself with people who not near nor willing to address what South Africa needs, excepts becoming part of an easy cash and press our struggling economy with less productive activity. Until this day South African courts are busy with cases emanating from his tenure which was mark with poor judgement, self appraisal and other obvious weak understanding on how to run an efficient state, he has announced his not departure from ANC, but has not denounced his associates from starting a political part, which will be feeding to the state resources with a little advancement of the general South African public, these clergymen behind this project are mostly parasitatic in their nature and I have every reason to believe they want to feed on a host called state, and they can not change anything. Mostly the role they play as church was or is good but to be disgruntled and turn their backs away from Old liberation movements to start a new political home is an error of the first rank, we will see on a political boulevard sashing down the republic streets calling for the Institutions of justice to drop charges against one of their own (Zuma) in this case. Why would pastors and clergymen support someone with such a terrible record, and think South Africa will receive and accommodate them as Malema, these people are misreading the political landscape, and just people with easy money and power mentality. Remain in church where you preach and everyone says Amen, now you're entering a snake pity environment, they would be no Amen after delivering a political speech, character assassination, trading insults will be the response, stop being political concubines, and hookers in politics don't see the destined objectives, as they bear disreputable image, remain in church, usher our society with values.It is my free advice, but you may act in liberty, ànd see where does that takes you, we will still be here praying for your blindness to be healed. When you wanna know the man judge him by the company he keeps.

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