So welcome back Hello everyone! This is my friend Iveta. She started her master’s in mechanical engineering, this week at ETH Zurich. And she’s from Prague and she works in
autonomous systems… lab The autonomous systems lab. So she likes robots and
stuff Exactly Is there a way that you can
explain your research? Again not like super specific. But just explain like
“I’m working in robotics…” So, I’m working I’m based mostly in the autonomous systems lab And this lab is in partnership with Disney research. Exactly. At ETH with the support of
the mechanical engineering department If I should describe what the
lab works on, it’s they actually have multiple projects. Okay So for example they have projects about autonomous driving. They have got projects about, for example, drone navigation. Big topic in robotics is so-called SLAM:
Simultaneous Localization And Mapping Which is the process of mapping on
environments and creating a map of your environment. And at the same time localizing yourself on the map. That’s sort of what we humans do without even realizing it So, would you want to work with Disney in
the future? Like, would that be a Yeah, I mean, its an option. Yeah like, if they offer me a job I’m not going to say no. Out of all of the projects and what you would like to work on what is the coolest thing about mechanical engineering and about the stream that you want to go into? I find really exciting artificial intelligence. Working on robots that can slowly approach human-like
intelligence. Because at the moment we have lots of industrial robots which work in factories But these robots are not really intelligent in this sense in the most common understanding of the word because you would just program these robots to do repetitive tasks And move this object here and here and here, million times a day But these troubles are not really Universal So, I think this is really exciting because
there would be so much to so many application. If we got robots that have some sort of human-like intelligence This is a big field so they have lots of people working on it And lots of also computer scientists
trying to achieve this So it’s not only mechanical engineers Do you have advice for anyone that wants to pursue mechanical engineering? My advice would be, or that’s also what really motivates me, to really read For example about some successful people in engineering And the really cool things they can work on And I think it’s really motivational but would also like to say I think also why engineering is maybe
not the first choice of many people is that we don’t read about it that much in
the media because the media is full of politicians. Even, I don’t know, lawyers, bankers doctors doctors even But not that much of technology gets into the mainstream media And I think, when you get a bit into it, when you… Start doing some research? Starting some research you realize how exciting things are. And also behind sort daily chores Or daily tasks, which you wouldn’t
really see as technology-based you realize how much technology is
behind this and how exciting it is to sort of, really make the future. It sounds like a cliche but it really is like this. And I would almost dare to
say that there are so many exciting things that’s really everyone can find
something they would be passionate about. Have you ever gotten any really bad advice? Yes, I have actually have. And that was the advice of… Well, when I was still studying math, lots of people told me like switching your degree is really bad.
It tell us about your personality, that you can’t stick to anything. And you should just really go through what you have chosen. And I think this is not a good advice. Especially nowadays because I think it’s so important to enjoy what
you are doing. And I think if you are not really passionate about your subject you are never gonna be successful And you are never really gonna enjoy your career. Just in terms of engineering, a lot of people drop out after the first year. At least in my university. But in terms of switching careers, I would almost say that… don’t switch until your second year. Or
your third year because at least in my first year of engineering it was all
“general.” Like general chemistry, general physics And I hate chemistry so much! Do you have any advice for any women that want to study these male-dominated fields? I think one should try to get into environment to meet peers So to meet the girls who are interested in these fields. So maybe do some high school competitions in science or mathematics and in physics. Where they can meet girls. Where they can see that they’re not the only ones. It’s one of the most important things. That you know that you are not alone. That there are more people like you. And even if it’s subconscious it’s really makes you feel that there’s nothing wrong with your decision. Even if they’re on the internet! Exactly! Just go, sort of, out of your comfort zone if you need to reach these new people and find new girls. So thank you for watching! If you have any more questions for Iveta,
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