This is our city. It’s made up of one hundred and twenty three
thousand people and eight thousand businesses, split across seven Ward’s
from Klemzig to Outer Harbor. Each ward is represented on council by either two or three elected members who are voted in to represent their local residential
and business community via a public vote during council elections. The council is
led by a mayor who’s also voted in during the election. They make decisions
on everything from council budget allocations, major projects and asset
management, through to the naming of roads, events, and grant funding for local
groups. As well as making decisions across the whole of the council region, elected members also represent their local Ward community to make sure that
the issues that matter most locally are heard and acted on. To ensure that your
local community is represented by the people you think will do the best job
for you, it’s important to have your say cast your own vote at a local government election. Before you can vote though, you need to ensure that you’re on the
electoral roll. If you have enrolled to vote in the state elections you will
automatically receive your voting paper in the mail. If not you can download the
application form from our website. Votes are allocated to residents, business
owners, and community organisations that reside within the city. That means you
might be able to cast an additional vote. If you need help to figure out what
you’re eligible for council staff can advise you. Voting takes just a few
minutes but the impact is long lasting ensure that your voice is heard by
voting in the local government elections