June 15, 2019

Iranian media has released footage of Iran's new air defense missile system known as the core dead 15 a Twitter video was released by Islamic Republic of Iran broadcasting IRIB which is Iran's main broadcaster the footage shows the air defense system being deployed with the missiles displayed alongside their launchers which are covered in desert camouflage the area seemed to be a discreet place in a hilly desert region the video proceeds to show the systems being deployed to their launch position a second video shows the missiles during a test launch it also included a slow-motion demonstration of them being fired at a simulated target in this video defense updates analyzes why Iran's newest air defense system core dead 15 will not be able to stop United States Air Force let's get started this video is sponsored by war thunder if you are like us fascinated by military vehicles and technology I recommend you give war thunder a try it's a military vehicle combat game which you can download and play for free on PC PlayStation 4 and Xbox one with cross-platform support it has a huge variety of more than 1200 playable aircraft tanks helicopters and ships from the 1930s to the 1990s which you can take the battle on land in the air and at sea on more than 80 theatres of war war thunders been kind enough to offer all defense updates viewers a special bonus which will grant you a free premium tank or aircraft and three days of premium account time for registration using our link in the description below so take the plunge and join more than 20 million players from around the world the demonstration of quartet 15 comes at a time when relation between u.s. and Iran has reached a new low and there's a possibility of a conflict long-standing tensions between Iran in the United States escalated after the US government unilaterally withdrew from Iran nuclear deal and imposed stringent sanctions against Iran u.s. military is building its presence in the Middle East USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier Strike Group b-52h stratofortress bombers Patriot air defense and USS Arlington is moved into the region citing undisclosed threats from Iran Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stated that Iran would never start a war but would defeat any country that attacks it is Arif stated whoever starts a war with us will not be the one who finishes it iran warned that it may withdraw from the deal and resume nuclear enrichment beyond purpose is necessary for its peaceful nuclear program indicating that it may pursue the development of nukes unless the other nations in the deal can find a way to offset the impact of these stringent US sanctions or Ted 15 is a mobile air defense system which is claimed to be indigenously developed by Iran it was inaugurated in the presence of defense minister Brigadier General Amir Hitomi I RNA reported on Sunday the 9th the system incorporates a domestically developed radar speaking at the unveiling ceremony Brigadier General Amir Hitomi said the system was capable of detecting fighter jets and combat drones from 150 kilometers or 93 miles away and tracking them within a range of 120 kilometers or 75 miles interestingly he said that it can detect stealth targets at a distance of 85 kilometers or 52 miles and engage them within a range of 45 kilometers or 28 miles according to Iranian defense minister mr. Hitomi the system can be deployed in less than five minutes and tracks six targets simultaneously he added that it can shoot targets at an altitude of 27 kilometers or 17 miles off the ground Tasnim news agency stated that the new system has already been delivered to Iran's air defense troops Iran's capacity to develop military weapons has been limited when it comes to high-end technology it seen some success in certain sectors for example Iran's aviation industry has several accomplishments to boast it's been able to keep us built f4 phantom and f-14 tomcat fighters in operational condition for decades despite being totally cut off from having spare parts or technical support from America it's to be noted that in this time duration it had been subjected to heavy sanctions and also led to encounter a fair share of aerial encounters in conflicts against Iraq this has been done through refurbishments as well as reverse engineering the same case could be applicable here Iran as russian-made s-300 and may have well got some direction on how to develop an indigenous solution from it but it's also true that Iran has been known to boast on several occasions an example is its so-called stealth fighter named IA io kara Turan would like to have the world believe that it silently developed its own stealth jet back on february 2nd 2013 when one was unveiled as part of the 10-day dawn ceremonies attended by then President Ahmadinejad the fighter on display seem to have many similarities and characteristics of fighters like f5 freedom fighter f-22 Raptor and even 1950s era MIG 17 the design seemed to be funny and even the cockpit was too small to be able to accommodate an average-sized human being most analysts have the opinion that it can't be a flying prototype and has been cobbled up just for presentation even countries like Russia and China have been struggling to develop their respective stealth fighters sukhoi su-15 7 and chengdu j-20 for a long time much more wealthy and technologically superior countries like France Germany India and Japan compared to Iran are only at initial stages of developing a stealth fighter so disclosures coming out of Iran cannot be taken on face value a radar capable of detecting and tracking a stealth aircraft is quite a complicated technology and even Russia and China who are in the forefront of this tech have not been able to field a foolproof solution even if the capability of the core dead 15 system is true the US has a solution the AG 88 harm high-speed anti-radiation missile is a tactical air-to-surface anti-radiation missile designed to home in on electronic transmissions coming from surface-to-air radar systems it was originally developed by Texas Instruments as a replacement for the a GM 45 Shrike and a GM 78 standard arm system production was later taken over by Raytheon Corporation when it purchased the defense production business of Texas Instruments the latest upgrade is the agm-88e advanced anti-radiation guided missile aarg M it features the latest software enhanced capabilities intended to counter advanced air defense system as well as non radar time-sensitive targets the agm-88e incorporates a new guidance section and modified control section combined with rocket motor and warhead section wings and fins of harm it's equipped with an advanced multi sensor system comprising a millimeter wave mm w terminal seeker advanced anti-radiation homing a RH receiver and Global Positioning System inertial navigation system GPS i ns the system also receives tactical intelligence information through an embedded integrated broadcast system receiver IBS our the IBS delivers situational awareness information and second source confirmation for the war fighters the weapon impact assessment WIA subsystem supports battle damage assessment decisions by transferring impact assessment data prior to an impact the missile has a length of 417 centimeters diameter of 25.4 centimeters and a wingspan of 112 centimetres the weight of the missile is 361 kilograms or 995 pounds it is a range of 150 kilometers or 92 miles and as a speed of over Mach 2 the fire-and-forget capability of the missile allows weapon engagement at standoff ranges the agm-88e is compatible with f-18 Super Hornets ei 18 growler f-16 and f-35 lightning – so the missile could be deployed from fighters taking off from land bases as well as American super carriers agm-88e has enough range and targeting capability to take out core dead 15 when launched from stealth as well as non stealthy jets the missile will be fired from a standoff distance so the fighter aircraft firing the missile will also have limited risk when initiating the strike mission it's to be noted that core dead 15 is new and is not battle tested may need several rounds of chewing to be actually effective the system will also be available in very limited numbers whereas the Americans will be able to bring in a lot of aircraft and more than enough missiles when going for the strike agm-88e is sophisticated enough to resist jamming and a barrage of these targeting the core dead 15 air defense system will surely be able to saturate it and get through to destroy it thanks for watching subscribe for more videos like this hit the like button if you find the video interesting and kindly provide your feedback in the comment section this will help us improve

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  1. In 1965 the Yankee were saying that they're 1000X more powerful than the Vietnamese rice farmers !! In 1975 they did RUN BACK HOME CRYING and in PANIC losing 10 000 planes 60 000 killed and 160 000 crippled narc soldiers !! WTF ?? Since the death of theirs NAZI best friend Wernher von Braun thy are unable to construct their own rocket engines and buying them ( RD-180 and the NK-33/AJ26 )  from Russian Federation instead !! Hahahaha

  2. ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌النصر لأيران الاسلاميه ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

  3. Iran is not our enemy. Iran has never attacked us. Israel is our enemy. The Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty and 9/11 are just three examples of false flag attacks by the Zionists.

  4. Khordad 15 radar Radiation is much less than the environment radiation , so the anti radar missile filter khordad 15 radar and cant find it.
    Khordad 15 radar is very sensitive, but it has very little radiant power.

  5. The big American egos here at work. Iran is more resourceful and smarter than Americans. Their very well thought defense systems will face these strongest magic missiles in the universe …. lolll! Iran knows the armament of the USA and the Americans who think themselves the strongest of the universe will suffer a mega defeat. Persians are experts in the art of war and they are great tacticians. The big ego of Americans can absolutely nothing

  6. It is funny, most of these guys trying to look down IRAN capability when USA is owed $22,000,000,000,000,00 only to world bank and almost to bankruptcy, well I don't know who is laughing,,,

  7. So why are telling that to the Iranians? Do want they improve and bring down US aircrafts? People in US are idiots..but not the rest of the world. By the way.please get the I ranian Foreign Ministers name right.. JAVED..NOT JAVAD OR JAHAD.

  8. Talk is cheap. There has to be a reason why you don't start the war if you are able to beat Iranian forces so easily. The Americans are so damn war happy otherwise. Just look at your history since Independence from England.

  9. you're assuming that this system will be deployed on it's own, but this not how air defense work, this systems will be deployed within multiple layers of air defense, so it will be basically be supported by the the s300 / s200 batteries, so if an f18 tries to launch an anti radiation missile from 150 kms away, it will be within range of the s300 missiles, so such battries will be used to support the s300 battery so it will not be overwhelmed and at the same time it will be protected by the s300, of course iran can't defeat the us air power in any scenario but their goal is to cause as much damage as possible to deter the USA from starting a war,

  10. All Iran has to do is Target the US aircraft carriers and attack the country's airports that are allowing the US to use them Iran has very accurate long-range missiles that will reach out and touch the US anywhere so yeah cool story bro plus an F-35 was detected and tracked and hit by an s200 old Soviet missile system in Syria when Israel was violating Syrian airspace

  11. You fail to mention the incident that took place over Serb in 1999 when an old soviet era SAM System managed to shot down an stealthy F-117 and also how the iranians have been able to take control of u.s drones and managed to land them

  12. If my life depended on it, no doubt USA HARM missiles. They’re designed to destroy state of the Art Russian SAMS. Iran’s are just copies of older Chinese/Russian systems homemade. So here my prediction of what those Iranian missile sites will look like in war. 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🕳

  13. so from a technological standpoint, your video has major issues. Your assumption is that this is their first and only round of air defense and is going to be deployed at the border! that's not how air defense mapping works. I think you are making more biased videos lately than logical.

  14. trump is not thinking to fight against iran at the moment .! he is just making economical pressions to convince iran to leave the camp for israel to expand in the middle east!!!!!!…

  15. the premise of this video is so stupid. Why it couldt stop US airforce. I was here to gain some technological insight. But your blabering on and on about your propaganda shit.
    You talk about murder and genoccide if US attacks IRan and you talk about it like it is a video game.
    I wish you all well.
    Iran is not our enemy. The rich are fucking your children up! Sending them into illegal lied wars.

  16. Idk if Iran is just over confident that if they get engaged with us Russia and China will come help but they won’t. Us against Iran is like a horse fucking a rabbit in the ass. Our defense budget alone is 20 what there’s is. And now they are hurting even worse with all the sanctions and the fact we’re no longer paying them to not make nukes thank you trump since there were still making news and laughing at Obama all the way to the bank.

  17. Its a useless comparison.. united air force is the best in the world but if a war between iran and usa happens . Us forces in the region must think about defending themselves first then attacking iran..
    Why ..
    Its very simple.. usa has limited force and equipments in the middle east.. then iran will hit all of us bases at the first minutes of a full scale war.. and as you know missiles are much faster than air planes and hitting them before reaching their targets is very difficult.. and iran is capable of launching 1000 missiles at the first 10 minutes of war and not only Patriot system nor even s 400 are capable of defending Americans ships and bases.. dont lie to yourself..its truth and Americans already known about it . In the first day of war iran will launch at least 10000 missiles at american bases in middle east , plus the one in turkey and san diago island and us bases at europe .. especially Germany..
    Only 50 percent of these missiles hit their targets would be enough to cripple American army at the first day of war .
    Americans base and embassies in iraq and Syria and Afghanistan will be occupied by ground forces and allied of iran..
    All Americans navy will be destroyed in 1500 km away from iran borders including persian gulf, gulf of Oman, indian ocean, red sea and Mediterranean sea..
    After these heavy loss Americans can attack irans with their fighters from some airplane carrier groups start flying with 2000 km radius of iran borders and 4000 km from capital of iran, tehran…
    If you have any air plane that can fly this far and hit its target and come back without refueling then you have some hope to defeat iran in direct confrontation..
    Dont even think about using b2 and b52 bombers because they dont have any chance to reach into center of iran as rq-170 couldn't..
    S300 job in any possible war , is to shoot down Americans fuel tankers airplane .. other Iranian system will do the rest of air defence if any airplane get inside of iran ..
    After this denial accessibility Americans forces has two options
    Using missiles to hit iran .. it would be useless cause iran is a big country and it wont change the course of war
    Continue air strikes with huge loss of fighters . 8000 km going and back is a far far far distance even with the fuel tankers..

    American army know all of above mentioned then they dont want to start a war , becaues they cant win vividly and they are not morons..
    Maybe some people ask , why iran doesn't want to start this war with all these economical sanctions .. its very simple becaues iran dont gain anything from this war..
    Even if iran fire whole Americans forces from middle east ,still, it would be no benefits for iran because United States control whole economy of the world.. winning a war with empty stomach after that war will be useless..
    To my Americans friends ..
    United States doesn't have any chance of winning a short term war with iran without using Nuke..
    Source of power of USA is economical hegemony . And Trump is using this leverage to destroy iran economy.. why Americans go to a war when they dont need it and they cant win it..
    Trump is a good leader for you.he knows how to win a war with iran.

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