hey guys it's Nettie J welcome back to the video on my channel today I'm going to be doing a treadmill workout routine this is pretty intense we're going to be doing some high-intensity interval training so starting out we're just doing a five-minute warm-up we're just going to be walking going at about 3.5 miles per hour or whatever pace is appropriate for you so I mentioned before in previous videos but the point of the warm-up is to gradually increase your heart rate so right now we're just going on 3.5 miles per hour and once we are going to pick it up to a jogging pace but for right now we're just preparing the body gain at warm getting it ready to be active for this particular workout what we're gonna be doing our 30-second high-intensity sprint sessions followed by 90 seconds rest of recovery time in which we're just gonna be resting on the sides of the treadmill the great thing about fitness routines that are set up this way in these high-intensity interval training workouts is that you're able to burn more calories without burning yourself out because you have those high-intensity portions of your workout where your going hard but then you also have that rest and recuperation time where you can rest and be prepared to go hard again and burn more calories high-intensity interval training mostly leads to muscle gain rather than muscle loss while simultaneously helping you to burn fat at the same time and calories can continue to burn for up to 24 hours after completing one hit workout now we're going to pick up the pace I'm going to take it to 6 miles per hour but whatever jogging pace is appropriate for you that could range from you know maybe 5.5 so like I don't know 6.5 whatever you need to do to be jogging research has shown that high-intensity interval training helps to build your endurance while also challenging your body at the same time and can be considered the best form of exercise for all ages another great thing about this routine is even if you don't have a treadmill you can always do this workout outside on a track you know you don't need equipment to do this in relation to your body continuing to burn for up to 24 hours after completing a hit workout this is due to hit workouts helping to boost your metabolism alright so the next thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna catch ourselves using the handlebars and rest our legs on either side of the treadmill for the following 30 seconds of this warm-up that way we can be well-rested and ready to go in for the Sprint's after these 30 seconds all right so for this first sprint session I put my treadmill up to 8 miles per hour however you can put your treadmill up at whatever pace you feel is appropriate for you eventually I do take mine up to 9 miles per hour for the following Sprint sessions that's because 8 I felt was too late so feel it out me start at 7 miles per hour you can always take it up higher than that you might need to go up to 10 miles per hour 11 12 you know whatever is appropriate for you in your level of fitness alright guys now we're simply relaxing breathe in and out very very important that we're getting that oxygen into our bodies during this resting periods you can also stretch your legs out if you feel the need to do that high-intensity animal training helps to improve your heart health by improving muscular function and getting your blood pumping even moreso than simply doing moderate aerobic activity and now we're gonna go right into our next sprinting session I'm gonna go in at 9 miles per hour 3 2 1 and break time you guys can see I am more worn out after this second round definitely more out of breath so let's take our breath in and out and out don't forget to breathe it is so important we don't want to be passing out speaking of passing out if at any point during this workout you feel like you're being overworked you feel like you're pushing yourself a little too hard you feel like you the longer break is perfectly okay to do less than eight sessions of the Sprint is proclick okay to go at a slower pace it's perfectly okay to do a longer break period I actually ended up having to do a longer break period after my seventh sprint because I felt like I was gonna pass out so perfectly okay to take that time and listen to your body it's so so important now we're gonna go back into our sprint in 3 2 1 and now we've reached our resting period just go ahead and set your legs on the sides of the treadmill I am getting quite worn out from this and I realized that I needed to put my safety mechanism on because I you know I'm sprinting I'm going kind of fast it could it could get dangerous fluctuating from high intensity to low intensity throughout your workout is going to help to train your by to efficiently exert energy so if you keep up with these hit exercises over time your body's going to become accustom to using its energy effectively and adequately even outside of exercise just about time for the Sprint in 3 2 1 all right good job guys time for a much needed and well-deserved break this workout is only twenty minutes out of your day and I'm currently yawning I'm sorry about that I was just needing to get that oxygen into my body but let's workouts only 20 minutes out of your day the biggest excuse that people have as to why they cannot exercise is because of time everyone has 20 minutes you can all do this I mean some people certainly 20 minutes can be hard too hard to get to yourself but it's important to take that time for yourself take that time for yourself to do something good for yourself and get your workout in 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training and if you think about it we're actually only going hard for these for this entire workout four minutes out of the whole thing so literally only four minutes getting ready for our sprint three two one alright time for a rest and congratulations everyone because right now we are over halfway done when you're doing vigorous aerobic activity like this it's only recommended that you do it up to three times a week and that is all that you need to achieve health benefits and it could possibly be detrimental for you to try to push for more than that because studies have not really been done for over a three month time period with high-intensity interval training such as this so I would say that this is a great alternative if you don't want to spend hours in the gym however I wouldn't say that you should solely perform high-intensity interval training so maybe mix it up one week you're doing three times a week in the gym with this vigorous type of activity the next week you're going five times in the gym doing a moderate activity and we're gonna sprint in three two one all right at this point I am very much dying I am so insanely out of breath and I think this is my seventh one which is the one where I actually did have to take a break and were longer break period because I was starting to black out yeah so I definitely needed to take a breather take a longer pause I think I added like maybe a minute extra to my resting time but I definitely didn't want to come back and do that final sprint and do a total of eight sessions I know I can with me and get ready for your sprint and three two one all right I stand corrected this is the seventh session in which I need to take a longer rest period because I was starting to black out but you know your body and you know your limits so even though I needed to take a longer break period and come back to that eight session like probably a minute later than that regular minute and a half break period I still came back and I finished my workout so basically my point in saying that is you know you can take a longer break and you can come back and finish your workout of course if you need to shorten your workout and just be done for the day you can also do that too you know your body listen to your body and you know do what it needs to do I know I can and we are sprinting in three and now time for our cooldown I am going at three miles per hour for about three minutes here at the end and we're just going to let our heart rate slowly come back down to normal [Applause] I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who chose to workout with me today I hope you got a great workout and hopefully I will be seeing you all in my next video Telex time bye