Honourable Chairs, esteemed Delegates, buenas tardes. There are a few reasons to think about the Dominican Republic: One, you’re a fan of a reality show filmed here Two, you enjoy playing golf all year round Three, you happen to come from a nearby nation Four Yeah, that’s pretty much it. But we, the Delegation of la República Dominicana, are more relevant to this discussion than you may expect! The Dominican Republic shares a border with Haiti, making the topic of economic prosperity while maintaining border security very relevant to us. While of course understanding the humanitarian issue across the border, borders must be respected. There is a reason they are there. Our Delegation is looking forward to finding solutions to our issues to make the world a better place, as well as engaging in debate as fruitful as our papaya trees. Delegates, if you want to play golf, you need golf clubs. If you want to tackle the issues discussed at the BERMUN 2019 you need the Dominican Republic. Thank you.