good morning Aiden I hear you took a hit to the head last night what happened what kind of symptoms were you having at the time if you don't mind what I like is to ask you a few questions and do a physical exam and perhaps maybe have you take a test force on a computer and iPad are you pretty familiar with using iPads yeah okay well then it'll be easy for you okay I mean have you take a test on this iPad okay it's gonna be very simple just like any other game you might plan on iPad okay let's get started we're gonna choose start a new test and we're gonna pick an impact quick test right it's asking us is a concussion suspected choose yes or no we're gonna choose yes could you put in the date of your injury that would be yesterday all right easy enough I can tell you know how to use an iPad all right let's go ahead and answer these questions was there a loss of consciousness any memory loss before the incident memory loss after the incident now you will see some shapes that are each matched with a number one of the shapes will pop up in the middle of the screen as quickly as you can touch the number that goes with each shape does that make sense go ahead and choose next all right now we're gonna do the same thing you're gonna see the shapes disappear you just have to remember which number goes with each on the next screen you will see 25 numbers I want you to count backwards Aiden from 25 to 1 tapping on the numbers as fast as you can go and she's now okay now you will see some letters on the screen only for a few seconds try your best to remember them after the letters go away we're gonna ask you to count backwards again from 25 to 1 as fast as you can but remember those letters okay and this is the last section okay I want you to tap on the circle as fast as you can when you see it change from the color red to the color green do not tap on the red circle only the green one this test make you feel any worse yes or no that was great now the circle is going to move around in a design like the number eight did this test make you feel any worse okay so that was easy enough wasn't it Aiden all right well I'm gonna take a look at this data and a touch base with your parents and your coaches and we'll get you taken care of okay you