so what we're gonna do to start it is actually have you fill out just sort of demographic questions and about what happened during her head injury and then just some information on her medical background so you'll do the first part of it and then it'll tell you when to hand it back over to me okay I'm going to read you five words and I want you to remember them after I read them to you I want you to say them back to me in any order but wait until I say all five words before you say them back to me all right are you ready we're gonna start son work head sugar hit all right tell me which ones are hey all right so this is a test of how fast you can find shapes that match each other do you see this design here that one the designs shown here are all the same shape but only one of them is flipped around exactly like this one pick the correct shape as fast as you can because we're also going to be measuring how fast you can go so do you know what this is it's a stoplight right so what do you do when you see a red light in a song and then when you see a green light what do you do alright so for this game you're going to tap the stop button when you see a red light and they're gonna top that Go button when you see a green light you don't have anything if you see a yellow light that make sense so this is the game where there's gonna be lights that light up and you have to wait until they're done and then you have to remember which way they lit up and then you're going to tap it in the same order and it starts off with just a few and then after that it builds on how many at this so this is the matching game that measures how well you can remember where things are the easy on the screen first you'll top any square to uncover a picture and then try to find any other square that matches that picture keep trying until you find all of the matching pictures you will tap on two squares at a time and the goal is to match all the pictures as fast as you can remember at the beginning of the test I've read five words – you tell me all of the words that you remember fire what was that hey hey is that it alright so now I'm going to read you some words and some of those will be the words the five words that I read to you beginning at the tests and some of them will be different just say yes if it's a word if the way that I say is one of the five words and say no if it isn't okay here yes dairy smoke short so it's really based on our clinical experience or exam the history and then you know right now really the only technology that I use in managing concussion is the pediatric impact testing