hi my name is Brian Roberts and I'm a certified athletic trainer I'm gonna be giving you your impact baseline test today so you need to know that there are no grades on this test it's there's no pass/fail this is not an IQ test so there's no reflection of how smart you are we really need to make sure that the data we're getting is reflective of you and gives us a really good valid reliable baseline test let's go ahead and face your computer's you can now touch your mouse and work your way through the demographic information so I see that you've all emailed your test results to yourself that's great you need to know that there's also a free impact passport app available to you okay Hanna we're gonna do your post-injury test today just a couple of things real quick before we get started I know you're not feeling very well there's a good chance that this test might make you feel worse so I just want that you know if in front up front that that's a possibility there'll be a symptom score at the beginning and then after the test so at the end of the test if you're not feeling well please make sure that you're paying attention to what the symptoms are that they're asking you now we're ready to launch the test go ahead and proceed okay so you've completed your symptom score there and completed the test now we'll go ahead and take a look at it and then I'll share that information with your athletic trainer on campus okay thank you very much you