what's the experience among the challenges that County stakeholders attribute to mes project is human resource capital most of the NBS equipment I actually use but we've had a few challenges we had delays in commissioning operationalizing of most of those equipment because of human resource challenges like in Toledo we had their inner unit equipment being delivered about three years ago we could only Commission that this year Alicia because we didn't have a renal mass we were placed under multi sing referral hospital there's a mental hospital and you know Kathy I don't know elder is the comparison yeah but we managed to actually train our own lands previously before my current role I was in the County Public Service Board and I remember as you know advertising for in or nurse and we didn't even get a single response which means we actually had a shortage of renal masses in Kenya so we had to train our own which took us about one year we trained our physician and other medical officers to be able to manage that unit so we could only permission literally this year someone what a question here father to this there has been decry of an equal distribution of the machine yes all the counties made an equal contribution of 200 million shillings most counties whopping the same amount of money but you realize some counties actually received much more than others we have counties that have received the same you could make as potato but they have an and ICU they have a city's kinda they have no and the account is that got very of that equipment so we feel as counties that those not very fair distribution of the MAS equipment well the mes project is a blessing it is feared to be a short-term project at the terms of engagement are not clear after the seven years of usage are done we are also anxious about the terms of the contract there is no clarity on the future terms the way they were negotiated including what happens at the end of the seven years is it that they're going to take away the equipment are we going to have you know another proposition again are we going to buy the equipment we don't know what really wouldn't happen the other thing is that they are parts of the MOU that have not been implemented motion isn't healthy equipment maintenance is another key area that came up with experts arguing that they are not being properly taken care of thus reducing the lifespan and efficiency and that is why now we are seeing our health is deteriorating every day we are not addressing what is this that is being used to measure you like a blood-pressure machine has it been checked has it passed the quality how frequent is being is it being maintained who is that person maintaining that machine is there a certification to to indicate that an engineer or a technician has certified that this equipment has passed the calibration test when was the last time the meter which is being used to calibrate that machine when was it last calibrated so those are the things that this contract has put in place we have to indicate to them our our our calibration cycle which company we use for doing calibration of that test instrument and when is it done and who is doing it actually difference is making the lives of people was the county governments representative during the forum went ahead to emphasis the importance of data sharing father reaffirming their commitment to make the healthcare sector work for the benefit of Kenyans the sharing does be done by our brother from yes yes so you can see it is possible to share information and to improve on what is being done in the spirit of participation so we we look forward as county governments to have deeper engagement in terms of making sure that there is value addition brought by this equipment to health care delivery that the intergovernmental relations are cemented for the good of Kenyans and that there is efficiency in the manner in which we are using our investment as the country throws all in the room towards the attainment of universal health coverage there is need for more public engagement and awareness so as to finally realize the dream with a system that works for all