[Applause] it's been a few days since the attack on the facility I was temporarily sent home while the government sorted out the mess without the building blown off it wouldn't do much good to start hunting down the experiments before we had a place to store them you'd find them eventually anyway I was able to sleep for about four hours before my phone rang it was time to hunt down the escapees myself and three other hunters that had helped look for mimmik we're all called in we were given a short list of experiments that had escaped my dismay Dahlia was in fact on the list she couldn't move on her own so it was clear that she had another one of the experiments which one though I had no clue I tried flipping through the pages to see if the man that I had seen with mimic was on the list but he wasn't we were able to find about half of the 20th scabies within the first day some of the experiments just stand out a bit too much and with no one else to help them on the outside they were just sitting ducks there was still 11 at large though Dahlia of course among them I kept hoping every time we found a new lead they would be the one carrying Dahlia but unfortunately that wasn't the case after doing a quick sweep of the nearby city with no new results we were all sent home to rest the government would go through cameras and contact us if they found anything they're also calling in reinforcements after the attack trying to find out who orchestrated it there was absolutely no way I was going home with a killer doll stalking me though instead I made sure that I wasn't being followed I parked my car on a random Street and found a small motel it was a crappy rundown place but that oddly made me feel safer I slept with my lethal gun in hand and my tranq gun nearby I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep much but it would only be worse for me if Dahlia did come and I was too exhausted to fight back the night went by with no incidents though that was called earlier in the morning once again it turned out two experiments had been spotted together they had stolen a car and we're on route to leave the city the people back at the facility would slow them down as much as possible at stoplights they wanted me and another one of the hunters to and follow them they could possibly lead us to more they escaped I was able to quickly meet up with one of the hunters from before he was probably mid-30s so he had probably been doing this much longer than I had luckily were able to catch sight of the stolen vehicle just before it left town despite knowing they had been slowed down and seemed too easy the car began taking back roads and eventually pulled into an old cabin despite us being the only car behind it most of the time it didn't seem to show any unusual behavior as it suggests that it knew we were following them the other hunter pulled over a short distance from the cabin and he began to ready himself I pulled out my phone this was obviously a trap I thought that maybe I could call backup but the other hunters stopped me listen kid I've been doing this a long time I know this is probably a trap but do you really think they're going to send anyone to help us we're on our own and you can either help me or sit here and wait I'm going in well then after you I suppose I replied coldly I knew he was probably right though the government didn't care much about us they would have probably just scolded me and asked what I was waiting for so I began to gear up as well death might be favourable compared to whatever Dahlia wanted to do with me the other hunter and I exited the vehicle and made our way as sneakily as possible in daylight once we made it to the door the hunter gave me a countdown of three before throwing some of the grenades to the front window it exploded in the gas quickly filling the home I couldn't help but wonder why I had never gotten access to these grenades before now after the grenade had mostly dispersed we covered our noses with our shirts and went inside we instantly found one of the experiments unconscious on the floor I remember correctly her name was trauma but by touching someone she could force them to see their worst nightmares yes since waterboarding is too inhumane she must be the solution the other hunter began to make his way over to her and began to restrain her while I watched his back he was almost done when everything went black when I came to I saw the other hundred was tied to a chair in front of me he was still unconscious I then looked down to see that I was in the same situation I was firmly tied down to a chair ah you're finally awake the male voice to my side said I turned to look it was a man from before the one then walked through the wall he was also sitting in a chair but he wasn't tied up I doubt any sort of bindings could hold him anyway on his lap sat a doll the doll had a hood pulled up just enough to cover its eyes the man began to speak again it's actually a bit funny last time we met I gave you someone tied up in a chair and now you yourself are tied up what do you want applied not in the mood for any games not that I had much choice I told you dolly here is coming to pick you up but instead you came to see her yourself how sweet of you man said did you really miss me that much no I finally spoke up and you just kill me already or do whatever you're gonna do with me I responded I told you I let the bad ones live and you've been quite bad recently killing that poor man Jack it was a bit fast I'm sure you still enjoyed it Dahlia said mocking me I just did what I was told he knew what he signed up for yes he did the rest of us are not so fortunate all our lives were turned into games by the government only difference between us you think you had a choice the rest of the experiments of myself never had the luxury of knowing what we were getting into so what you want to overthrow the government expose them something the question dolly I began to laugh heavens no they're far too powerful for that and there are too few of us to even think about challenging them I simply don't care enough about something like that no I simply wanted you what what do you want from me I may have done terrible things but I'm still nothing like you I replied maybe not yet but you will be soon enough after she said this to new people into the room they're both wearing lab coats one held a syringe and once he reached me he plunged it in my arm releasing the fluids once again the world went black I awoke again to find myself looking at two bodies one was the other hunter the other was mine both had a bullet hole in the head how was that possible my dad and how am I still seeing is I quickly looked down at myself fearing the worst I wasn't trapped in the hole and still appeared to be human I touched my face and the rest of my body I still felt solid and I was still capable of picking things up but why was my body seemingly dead on the floor it's incredible isn't it it looks exactly like you even down to the fingerprints one of the experiments abilities the other one isn't a replica though he's quite dead and done in with your gun by the way this came from the voice of the ghost-like man from before what did you do to me harassed I knew they had to have done something to me the man simply shrugged nothing it seems as if your body rejected the serum they had planned for you rejected at least that was one thing to be happy about although I was still stuck in a room with one of my captors as well as a dead body and the replica of my own dead body well now then asked even though I wasn't sure I'd get a direct answer since the serum didn't work Dahlia has one last plan for you as I said that's the door once more open dolly was brought back into the room by trauma this time in no hood I was no longer tied up but I knew there was no way for me to escape yet so I stood still as trauma approached me with dolly and hand monster almost stood directly in front of me I crouched down and I looked directly into Dolly's eyes I wouldn't fight fate what I saw in those eyes was pure evil I saw countless Wars murders that's suicide it seemed to be endless tragedy I didn't lose control of myself though instead I quickly reached for the lighter that had been hiding in my shoe ever since I knew Dalia had escaped I flicked it almost instantly and held it to dolly the dress she went up in a blaze there was no stopping the fire trauma and the strange man desperately tried to stop it but it was as if dolly had been soaked in gasoline I took a second to smile before sprinting out the door I saw several people on my way out of the house but none of them seemed concern with me they were all trying to get to the room with Dahlia I knew the whole cabin would be a light soon so I needed to get out once I made it outside I quickly ran to where the hunters car had been parked surprisingly still there that hadn't moved it yet but he still had the keys so I smashed the window hot-wired the cars quickly as possible and sped off by the time I drove by fire in the cabin was massive I almost hoped that all those inside would die but they had all been on Diwali as control it's possible there's some good people among let the thought die instead as I continue to move forward I've been hiding out ever since that day and I'll riding this only clicking in more danger but this story needed to be put out there it's almost guaranteed that the government will read this and burn perhaps I'll send someone after me I don't care anymore I won't be a puppet or anyone the government a psychotic doll I'm officially done hunting down the government's mistakes hey there kids it's me mr. creepypasta and I want to tell you all thank you so much for listening to tonight's story or watching tonight's story if you're on YouTube if you're not on YouTube that means you're probably on the podcast that's available on iTunes on the Google Play Store and is now actually available on Spotify and doesn't use as much data so hey that's a thing if you guys aren't listening on YouTube or Spotify then I have no idea how else you could have found me unless you found one of those books on Amazon you know the creepypasta collection volume 1 volume 2 those are things to yeah well I don't know how you would have heard me there seeing as this was recorded like two years after those came out well anyway thanks for listening folks and sweet dreams