[Applause] I'm a cog in a giant machine and once my cog stops working I'll be discarded and replaced by another despite the fact that I risk death every day that I wake up I never felt more alive I no longer have nightmares of those I've killed I've stopped caring about things like that if I become too soft I end up like Jack I have no intentions of letting that happen after I disposed of Jack I was given a week off they've been a while since I had any time to myself it was a bit strange I never had many friends to begin with my work a distance me from a few family members that I kept in touch with this week this week off made me realize just how empty my life had become was this what they wanted regardless I was at work the minute my week was up ready for my next assignment and I got one codename mimic as her name implies mimic is a master of disguise she has the ability to morph her face into a perfect replica of anyone she chooses but she's unable to change her body I imagine she's still a work in progress and could you imagine what the government would do if they could create a perfect body double anyone they wanted it mimicked had escaped with a few other experiments but she was the top priority it was believed that they had all split up but I was still warned to be on the lookout in case any of them teamed up due to her ability mimic would be incredibly difficult to locate because of this several hunters like me were given her as an assignment if our information was correct and she had not made it out of the city we live in yet if she had may never find her the only way that we'd be able to identify her is by a distinct scar on her left shoulder the government had set up roadblocks at all the city's exits while our hunters search within three other hunters and myself were given a quadrant to search mimic had no family so she would either have to break into somewhere or find an abandoned location to stay I spent several hours walking the streets of my quad and after asking strangers if they had seen a suspicious-looking woman as well as checking out an old decrepit homes that hadn't been lived in in years I found nothing though that was until I was approached by a slender young looking man probably in his early 20s are you looking for someone you might ask yeah it's hard to explain I'm looking for a girl but I'm not entirely sure what she looks like I replied it are we all the man chuckled before continuing I may be able to help you I saw a girl running an old abandoned building around the corner she was acting pretty weird constantly looking over her shoulder maybe she's who you're looking for Thanks I have to go check right now I said as I pushed past the man I'm not giving his words a second thought I quickly made my way to the building and let myself in to my amazement mimic was actually there but it wasn't quite what I had expected mimic was tied to a chair I knew it was her because her scar was in Clear View no other hunters had contacted me to tell me that they had moved into my area or they had found mimic so why was she tied up that's when I remembered who told me that I would find her here was stranger before I could even turn around I heard his voice it's a gift she's quite important to them in she it was a stranger man I just met he wasn't behind me he was in front of me near mimic how he gotten in front of me I had almost sprinted here who are you that's not important right now aren't you gonna thank me oh wait that's not important either real reason I'm here is to deliver a message to you the man said a message from who I was perplexed as I said earlier I make contact with almost no one don't look so confused friend from your girlfriend have you already forgotten her Dahlia would be upset to hear that a man mockingly replied the man mockingly replied I immediately cut him off dolly is not my girlfriend Dahlia is a demonic doll that I want thing to do with unless it involves a large fire I was almost shouting the man laughed before responding she said you'd say something like that regardless she just wants you to know that she's coming to pick you up soon and that she really misses you now if you'll excuse me the man turned and began to walk away what do you think you're going I said I pulled out my tranq gun I aimed it at him he didn't respond nor did he stop walking I fired my aim was dead-on well it would have been but the dart passed right through the man as if he wasn't there it continued walking straight up to a wall and proceeded to walk through what the hell just happened a man appeared out of nowhere and leads me to mimic and then he tells me that Dahlia is coming for me to top it off there's obviously something going on with the man – seeing as how he knew Dahlia but also the fact that objects passed directly through his body was he under her control I don't know what's going on at all but I still have a job to do and my target was right in front of me I'll let the other hunters know that I had found the target and then I was taking her back that's what I did I brought mimmik back to my bosses I was almost expecting some sort of praise but I knew that would be unlikely despite her value I'd be surprised once again when I made it back to the holding facility though the whole place was in complete lockdown well whatever was able to be locked down half the building had been blown up half the building and then blown off the facility was located outside of town in a secluded area for obvious reasons so I knew no innocent people had died but I did see the corpses of many scientists and cards strewn around the area I know some of them had families these people weren't exactly angels I managed to find one of my superiors who was able to briefly fill me in on the situation while our forces had been thinned looking for mimic a group had attacked the facility it's obvious they were looking for a peculiar looking for a particular experiment that's unsure exactly who they were after at this point around 20 of the 50 experiments held in this facility had escaped I tried asking which of the experiments escaped but I was told it was confidential he simply told me to leave mimicked with them and go home and wait for them to sort this out I'd be very busy soon pardon he already knows at least one of the experiments who escaped was she the target I think it's a big possibility I've already told she was coming for me I'm not sure what's about to happen it can't be good you hey there kids it's me mr. creepypasta and I wanted to tell you all thank you so much for listening to tonight's story or watching tonight's story if you're on YouTube if you're not on YouTube that means you're probably on the podcast that's available on iTunes on the Google Play Store and is now actually available on Spotify and doesn't use as much data so hey that's a thing if you guys aren't listening on YouTube or Spotify then I have no idea how else you could have found me unless you found one of those books on Amazon you know the preview pasta collection volume 1 volume 2 those are things to yeah well I don't know how you would have heard me there seeing as this was recorded like two years after those came out well anyway thanks for listening folks and sweet dreams