[Applause] [Applause] if you're one of those people who think the government is hiding countless secrets from you and constantly covering things up and you would be absolutely right I'm one of the many people they hire to clean up their mistakes I'm not entirely sure why they chose me there really isn't much special about me but perhaps that's exactly why they chose me I'm already a loner I'm not going to cure cancer or create the next weapon of mass destruction so I'm easily disposable they approached me one day after I finished working my shift at a fast food joint I'm not sure I had much of a choice but my life was so dull I was ready for any kind of change up anyway the men who came to my door didn't even tell me what I would be doing simply that if I wanted to aid in my country to follow them I didn't look back once and as strange as my life has gotten I still don't regret it the next year of my life would be grueling I was put through extreme physical and mental training I learned about things that I thought only existed in movies I'm not sure what would happen to me that I failed the training but I can't imagine they would just let me go back to my normal life not once did they mention what I was training for during that year not until I graduated upon getting a seal of approval from higher-ups I was brought into a small room black suits and finally informed what I'd be dealing my new job would be hunting down failed experiments and other oddities that the government had failed to contain not all jobs would be the same some would be relatively easy while others next to impossible most missions would come with the option of bringing the target back dead or alive but of course it'd be preferable to always bring them back alive for further experimentation my first assignment would be on the easy side codename the ice-cream man the ice-cream man like most failed experiments was at one point a human he still has the appearance of one the typical ice-cream truck driver but he is essentially a robot only concerned with doing his job so what's so special about the ice-cream man then well I never told the why of the creatures I hunt but I always put together my own ideas the ice-cream man's truck is really the special part the music that comes from the horns work as almost a human magnet eating trances anyone within hearing distance to approach the truck once you approach the truck well you buy ice cream I've heard the ice cream tastes delicious but of course you'll never know for sure because the ice cream causes anyone who eats it to basically enter a fugue state for the next 12 hours after consuming the ice cream you'll carry on your day as you normally do but you will remember nothing the next day I'm sure you can see why this would be a valuable asset to the government unfortunately the scientists put in charge of testing the ice cream man underestimated him a bit before they knew it they had woken up 12 hours later wondering where their test subject is gone I'm sure I was given a simple assignment as sort of a test I was given a pair of enhanced noise blocking earplugs and was sent on my way to the ice-cream man's last known location he wasn't hard to find I just had to follow the mass of vehicles that had lined up to get their sweet treat I allowed him to serve everyone in the area it would make my job of taking him much easier if no one remembered it after everyone had their ice cream I lined up myself he attempted to serve me but instead I reached into the truck and injected him with a tranquilizer he may be a shell of a person now but he's not immune to good old-fashioned medication I tied him up and hitched his truck to my vehicle I dropped him off at the nearest government facility and awaited my next target as I said this would be one of the easier assignments my next wouldn't be quite so simple code name the Riddler unlike the ice-cream man the rip ler was still mostly human he hadn't lost his emotions or become a mindless zombie and perhaps that was the problem through intense experimentation the Ripper had gained the ability to create an intense concentrated earthquake he collapsed the facility he was being stored in the main concern with the Ripper was his danger to others around him if he used his ability in a heavily populated area countless lives could be lost this was one of the few cases I've been advised not to bring the target back live once again I feel as though this assignment was a test just a different kind of test the government wanted to see if I would kill for them without hesitation and it's possible if I did then they would truly be no escape for me this was fine though I had no intention of leaving the Ripley was a bit more difficult to find mostly because he wasn't trying to attract the attention of everyone around him but if the government wants you don't find you he had relocated to a small town changing his name his face everything in an attempt to escape I almost felt bad for the guy I doubt he volunteered himself to be a guinea pig for the government now all he wanted was a normal life once I found the town he was staying in I made sure to keep my distance didn't want him going nuclear on me I confirmed he was indeed my target by collecting some DNA samples from his trash now all that was left was to take him down I didn't want to kill him but I didn't have a lot of options the scientists who had created him were still unsure the extent of his powers and his ability to control them had I brought him back alive there's no telling if the government even has a facility capable of holding him I did what I thought was best after he returned home one night I put a bullet between the Riddler's eyes it wasn't a good feeling but I continued to convince myself it was necessary I dropped his body off and was thanked for my services it wouldn't get easier from here my next target codenamed ghoul this one was truly a monster I'm not sure what the government was trying to create in ghoul but I don't think they got what they wanted ghoul has enhanced strength and speed but with one slight problem he eats humans who knows maybe that's exactly what the government wanted as you can imagine ghoul found a way to escape after a while you'd think these government scientists would get better at containing their experiments but that doesn't seem to be the case the mission might not have been so bad but I was given strict orders that ghoul was to be brought back alive all my lethal weapons were stripped and placed with tranquilizers strong enough to bring down a rhino I put in a request I'm a partner for this assignment but of course I was swiftly declined Google had taken up residence in a forest this might not have been so bad if the fact that this forest had an extremely populated hiking trail there had always been frequent disappearances in the forest a lot of them chalked up to suicides but that school had escaped that number had amplified significantly the government did me a solid and got the trail shut down for the weekend so it would just be me and cool I wouldn't have to worry about anyone else getting in the way I've always wanted to go on a hiking date but this wasn't quite what I had pictured I set out into the forest looking for signs of his nest I'd made sure not to shower all week in preparation if he came to me it makes my job of dragging him back to my vehicle a lot easier I'm sure he would get hungry eventually after about an hour of following markings and footprints that I assumed had to belong to ghoul I began to come across the bones human bones I was getting closer I followed the path for a few more minutes before I began to hear noises looks like my day to finally arrived and a tree branches shaking as he drew nearer after only a few moments he was standing on a large tree right in front of me he looked down on me studying me he really wasn't that big maybe five six with an average frame but looks can be deceiving his skin was sickly yellow and his hair I'd begun to recede as if he was an old man but he was clearly much younger his eyes are pure white no longer containing anything else after brief stare down he jumped it was a good 50 feet between us so I thought that I would have a few seconds to ready myself but I was wrong as if he was a video game character he soared from the tree and landed directly on top of me I had just enough time to pull out a tranquilizer and shove it into his side I wasn't enough despite the strength of the tranquilizer he seemed relatively unaffected he shrugged it off and proceeded to take a chunk of flesh out of my shoulder I lay helplessly as he began to chew on my flesh I knew wouldn't be long before he went back for seconds I struggled to pull out another tranquilizer I managed to put another one right before he began to lunge in for another bite I jammed the second tranquilizer directly into his neck I felt his teeth began to lock onto my own neck but before he bit down he passed out I let out the biggest sigh of relief of my life and pushed him off me I placed the special restraints I've been given for him on making sure the muzzle I was given for him was extra tight I wasn't sure how long the tranquilizers would last but hopefully long enough for me to deliver this monster despite missing a chunk of my shoulder I had escaped alive this was just one monster the science had created I could imagine what my future would have in store for me after delivering ghoul I informed the higher-ups that I would need at least a month off and knowing what they had put me through they obliged if anything they were impressed and I'd come back and mostly one piece those are a few of my targets I have many more tales to tell but that will have to wait I just received my next assignment and I have to begin preparations if I survive I'll be sure to post more so see you soon hopefully you hey there kids it's me mr. creepypasta and once 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