this other day I was being constipated from excessive use of slave mat I mean red meat so I had long time to think about what I could discuss for the benefit of the human race and what I came up was Federation Navy I'm not sure what made me think of Federation while taking a shit but that's where we wrapped now so let's talk about fed branch winding and assisted suicide I'm here to help you with both yay now you might want to grind ranks because you want to get permit access for horse : or acquired the glorious core of it whichever the case might be I'm certain you're not here because you think it's fun to get rear admiral in your spare time so I'll do my best to ease your pain and suffering first either get drugs or alcohol for this one or maybe even some hookers because it'll be a long and hard but mostly disgusting ride basically rank training can be done in one of two or three ways by completing data courier missions by completing donation missions or by completing hauling missions the basic idea of completion for any of these options will be mission stacking that is packing up as many similar missions as you can and completing them at once because that's the only way you can get ranks in the first place so let's start off with the place where I got my own ranks sought they sent CEOs these two systems tend to give outdated delivery missions that don't require any cargo space except for rewards simply get to any station in these two systems pick up as many day to delivery missions as you can and just deliver them the trick in this case is that these two systems give missions to each other instead of other systems around them so all you need to do is just go from one system to another one and back additionally to making some rank progress you will also be making some money not a lot of it but at least something and here I must caution you that not every system I mentioned in this video will always work 100% at the time systems change states and do to them missions to change so if one doesn't work check out the other ones now then the next place to make some ranks is in 17 Draconis here you'll find factions giving our donation missions sure it might be the fastest way to make ranks go up since you don't have to travel anywhere else just sit in the station and pick up missions and aggressively throw money them but yeah that'll hurt your piggy bank personally I'd recommend donation missions only if you really really hate your wallet and you're willing to throw away at least 300 million for a couple of ranks I mean okay fine sure and so this you might find some donation missions as well and sure I did pick up the cheapest ones but not the one million one I mean what the fuck but anyways moving on to another place I found good for grinding named tune system there you can pick up hauling and data delivery missions to multiple systems but be aware that some will send you to stations that are over ten thousand light seconds away I'd recommend looking at alright system as destination as it is the closest one and finally I found new hissing systems Cabrera's claim planetary station to give out some nice day to delivery missions to coal in south numbers and letters here system oh and one more place the system name Neto offers some nice haulage missions as well so there you go four places have found to be offering the fastest ranked grinding experiences of course those are not the only ones but at least those are the most popular ones and remember due to system states changing some of these might not work so you can easily just go and check the other ones well in any case if you have found a good place to do ranked running for feds do let me know down below and remember tell devs this system is horrible and one final thing of course the same logic of mission stacking and data delivery missions work just as well for Imperial rank winding 2 and hey find somebody who's in need of federal rank rind advice feel free to share this too