How to make Federal rank & some money [Elite Dangerous]

How to make Federal rank & some money [Elite Dangerous]

May 14, 2019

this other day I was being constipated from excessive use of slave mat I mean red meat so I had long time to think about what I could discuss for the benefit of the human race and what I came up was Federation Navy I'm not sure what made me think of Federation while taking a shit but that's where we wrapped now so let's talk about fed branch winding and assisted suicide I'm here to help you with both yay now you might want to grind ranks because you want to get permit access for horse : or acquired the glorious core of it whichever the case might be I'm certain you're not here because you think it's fun to get rear admiral in your spare time so I'll do my best to ease your pain and suffering first either get drugs or alcohol for this one or maybe even some hookers because it'll be a long and hard but mostly disgusting ride basically rank training can be done in one of two or three ways by completing data courier missions by completing donation missions or by completing hauling missions the basic idea of completion for any of these options will be mission stacking that is packing up as many similar missions as you can and completing them at once because that's the only way you can get ranks in the first place so let's start off with the place where I got my own ranks sought they sent CEOs these two systems tend to give outdated delivery missions that don't require any cargo space except for rewards simply get to any station in these two systems pick up as many day to delivery missions as you can and just deliver them the trick in this case is that these two systems give missions to each other instead of other systems around them so all you need to do is just go from one system to another one and back additionally to making some rank progress you will also be making some money not a lot of it but at least something and here I must caution you that not every system I mentioned in this video will always work 100% at the time systems change states and do to them missions to change so if one doesn't work check out the other ones now then the next place to make some ranks is in 17 Draconis here you'll find factions giving our donation missions sure it might be the fastest way to make ranks go up since you don't have to travel anywhere else just sit in the station and pick up missions and aggressively throw money them but yeah that'll hurt your piggy bank personally I'd recommend donation missions only if you really really hate your wallet and you're willing to throw away at least 300 million for a couple of ranks I mean okay fine sure and so this you might find some donation missions as well and sure I did pick up the cheapest ones but not the one million one I mean what the fuck but anyways moving on to another place I found good for grinding named tune system there you can pick up hauling and data delivery missions to multiple systems but be aware that some will send you to stations that are over ten thousand light seconds away I'd recommend looking at alright system as destination as it is the closest one and finally I found new hissing systems Cabrera's claim planetary station to give out some nice day to delivery missions to coal in south numbers and letters here system oh and one more place the system name Neto offers some nice haulage missions as well so there you go four places have found to be offering the fastest ranked grinding experiences of course those are not the only ones but at least those are the most popular ones and remember due to system states changing some of these might not work so you can easily just go and check the other ones well in any case if you have found a good place to do ranked running for feds do let me know down below and remember tell devs this system is horrible and one final thing of course the same logic of mission stacking and data delivery missions work just as well for Imperial rank winding 2 and hey find somebody who's in need of federal rank rind advice feel free to share this too

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  1. I've been grinding matlehi -> matses boom time deliveries they are close and matlehi only has one station so you wont need to visit many stations to complete all your missions, though, matses only thinks about themselves and dont have any missions to matlehi

  2. Can somebody tell me how i actually access a new rank? Im at 100% recruit and im supposed to do some federal navy mission for the new rank but its not showing up anywhere in the mission board in the ceos stations..

  3. go to IX take missions to HIP 20722 and misao the run in hip is LONG around 300k, but, im up to 200million in the bank, and have, imperial eagle(popping gens with a plas accel is a 1 hit wonder most times… pop, and run 😉

    the data runs to from ix to hip 20722, well first day i was getting 200k's, 2nd, 300-400k average, 3rd day, a bunch of 700-817k data missions, get an asp explorer when you get enough (couple days of doing a couple runs should do it) max it out and put passanger and at least 16 cargo, you can start doing runs to Xi Saon, hip20722, misao and others for nice payouts, i recommend setting the asp up with the rank 1 mounts having shock mines, the rank 2 mounts the rank 2 mine layers, dual chaf and an ecm, IF you get interdicted(you will have to suck at evading as the asp is very very capable of evading any interdict), just "ink and run, till your fsd is cooled down and continue on your way, once you get the funds, get an orca, humans and cargo, dual pulse laser turets and on the rank 3 mount put a gimbled multi cannon, and same kinda setup for chaf and ecm or point defenses you can run or, for stuff like vipers and below, just use the pulse lasers to take down the shields then when they are down, use the multi cannon to destroy the hull…)

    at the moment i have

    imp eagle
    Diamondback Explorer (for long jumps to source specific ships/components)
    and FAS is my main runner at the moment.

    i have also owned
    Keelback(a good step between say a cobra mkiii and asp exp, people and cargo will get your rep and inf up fastist and make huge money.
    and some others….

    NOTE the above all maxed out, i dont buy a ship till i can max it out and afford the insurance for at least 3 deaths… the type9 and python draw to much naty npc spawn attention and, are to slow to deal with vul's and some others easily or well….

    honestly, you want to make BANK and save 15% on your ships/parts, get to IX as a good center point, there are SHITLOADS of missions, and, you also get fed combat missions out of hip and ix at times, lots of kill pirate lord ones.

    tip for killing pirate lords, wing man up, for IX its EASY, you get to the skully from the star, 10sec out hit c (bind 75% throttle to this button) drop out at the station and move 11k out, wait, if he dosnt just spawn/jump in and target you, bind K to super cruse, then, super cruise directed at the station, hit c as soon as u jump, and do a slow loop and drop back and the station, most times all it takes is being in supercruse for enough time for it to spawn the npc, then…do the same drop at skully and move out of the exclusion zone…

    once it spawns in, if its a nasty like the one i got last night(im maxed rep on the full system, some of the data runs spawn nasty shit…) was a maxxed out anaconda, we engaged got it mad, then i dipped into exclusion zone and went back into attack, the feds and sirius security helped, still took us 15min to kill it, with 8 npc feds/security attacking, as well as myself in my maxed out FAS and my buddy in his orca just pounding on it the whole time… but…i made over 300k on the bounty, AND, it turned out, the same guy was the pirate lord AND the one coming after me for the data run..1 kill… i got 2 missions done…made over 15million with all the turnins for it…

    i recommend this trick for nastier shit or if you got a wing coming in, but, honestly

    it may be a run but, seriously get your arse to ix…

    btw, i went down from assalius primus bankers prospect where i spent a week grinding hard to get a ship that was capable of decent jump range, then i discovered the best place to jump to get the next ship i wanted at the discount and have access to the upgrade parts..IX.. was a treck but..jesus this place is amazing for money…. yes its a LONG run but you can sit back, watch a video, listen to music, or whatever, you only tend to get interdicted as you near the turn in point.

    oh ALWAYS go to bradly depot first, then super cruse to richards vision, this will help ensure you just have to super cruse up off the planet and hop over to richards, if you hit richards first you have to climb out of planet gravity and go around the planet to get to bradly and…thats a pain…

    seriously, you can get allied within days here, go for the ones with seals by their names first…

    i got 20 missions now, all of them worth no less then 716k each..just data runs to hip20722…. most worth over 800k…

    you also will find fed supply runs that are EASY, i did one for 18 units that was 2 jumps in my maxxed out FAS(because, i was to lazy to hit up ix and switch to a ship with more then 15 jump range… hehe…) grabbed teh stuff, brought it back, on the way i hit up misao where it turned in a data run from the place i got the items for the navy…. as i was leaving, the hip run for navy redirected me back to misao the place i had just started to leave orbit…back to the ground…turned in….gained 2 ranks from the 2 turn ins…. i can get a gunship, and am 1 rank above that now… in less then 2 weeks of grinding this area and skipping some fed missions because i didnt have the capacity or because the where combat and, i only enjoy combat when im in wing with friends or multi crewed in…

  4. If money is an issue, flip the title to "make money, and some fed rank" but your 50+ credit/hr video stations also have a Fed faction. So if you are money grinding, prioritize those passenger missions. Make enough cash to get your corvette then continue to numb your mind and finish the grind at sothis/ceos.

  5. Allright, i've been tirelessly working to get to rear admiral for 2 days now. Currently at Lt. Commander with 60-70% progress to the next rank. How much time will it be to reach butt -err i mean rear admiral? I'm already a wreck.

  6. Passenger transport from new dawn station (Ceos) to Sirius Atmospherics (Sothis A5) is a descent grind that also pays out. You can stack these missions as well. I usually make around $5 Mil in a single run that only takes about 5 minutes.

  7. I found Tun 3 or 4 weeks ago and it's pretty good for transport missions. Most of the time they all go to LHS 535 right next door, which has one Coriolis starport at 1,920LS. Not very far and you can dock large ships. I use a T7 fitted for max cargo at 304 tons. You can make a few mil easy in a trip or two if you get your reps up. But yeah, watch station distance if you take another system, sometimes you'll get a delivery to Moros for a few mil, but the station is 208,000LS away! Takes 10-15 minutes in a T7. Never again! lol

  8. At least thanks to the faction reputation system I now take on missions that pay anywhere from 500K to 5M per mission. So, I get fucked a lot but I'll certainly have enough money when I finally get the rank and won't have to sell my Conda to buy the Corvette. Yay me.

  9. 10,000 ls isnt bad.
    I do a passenger run from Barr Survey in HIP 112829 to Searfross Enterprise in Haiden. Searfross is about 520,000 ls away from the main star. About a 20 minute run. But it can get you millions at a time.

    And ive heard of such trips as large as 2,000,000 Ls.
    And i bet there are even longer ones that pay out God's holy ass.

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