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  1. During the ruling of Briton over HK after Opinion War for 150 years, Briton never gave HK people the freedom and democracy of vote and election. I never heard Westerners complained about that. Therefore I concluded that the democracy is not important to Westerners but the chances to attack China are! Now HKers enjoy much more freedom than before under Briton’s colonial government.

  2. Recently Trump demanded Federal Express to steal 5G technology from Huawei. So there were 4 packages of Huawei so far were stolen and sent to USA by Fed Ex without Huawei’s knowledge. These 4 packages were sent from Japan and Vietnam to China. How could USA sink so low without merits and ethics?

  3. If those shit fight for freedomand justice,why do they wear musks on street?actually they are criminal!if the riot continued.they would pay more than thsy can afford!communist party are not ordinary's their duty to keep peace in any Chinese city,including Hongkong.let's see.

  4. I used to love going HK but not anymore. Too many mainland Chinese invading and infested the country and made the place messy and its losing the identity. I never expected that this extradition law has disrupted the peaceful Hong Kong and saddens every Hong Kong and also people from other countries.

  5. China do not respect human rights, including religious freedom.

    I've seen how China government deprived citizens by deeming them as "criminals." Resist against that bill, till China create the laws similar to USA's 1st Amendment.

  6. As the geopolitical strategists in Washington love to say, never let a good crisis go to waste. The rioters certainly came prepared. Yellow hard hats, lead pipes, stink bombs and other lethal sharp objects that can puncture the human body at different vital points. The battle formation of the rioters says it all. They were ready to lunge at authorities altogether at once and disperse on a dime to evade arrest. It takes training to learn these techniques on organized violence. These rioters did not just learn how to inflict maximum harm or damage one fine morning. They had their training, conducted in churches where Filipino-American operatives posed as preachers and pastors by day, and US covert operatives by night. Given the huge population of Filipinos in HK, these US covert operatives have blended in easily with the locals. The investments and funding of US National Endowment for Democracy (US-NED) have definitely paid off.

    But here's the bigger question to ask for the US sponsors of this lawless violence in Hong Kong — Why do three quarters of Hong Kong's population support the extradition bill? And why have the noisy few rioters repeatedly failed to win the hearts and minds of the Hong Kong people?

  7. Riot police should restraint and not charge at the protesters. Tit for tat will ensue into something more dangerous. They should lob some laughing gas into the protesters and see what happens 😂

  8. Democrazy is a reflection of democracy. These rioters are crazy. This is not called freedom. This is not democracy. This is destruction of freedom and democracy.

  9. To Hongkongers : If you are serious about the case then prepare to bleed for an uncertain result. Learning from France, set fires , stir up riots etc. Words are cheap especially to Regime like CCP. They rarely back down without a fight . Just check their history. Otherwise , all protesters are just a big joke! Sincere greeting from Mainland.

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