Hlaudi Motsoeneng launches political party

Hlaudi Motsoeneng launches political party

May 16, 2019

launched a new political party in South Africa called the African content movement in Johannesburg he says the ACM will work for all citizens of the country from all walks of life motor learning said earlier that he would complete compete with presidents or imposter in next year's elections he was equally confident in launching the new party well to tell us more on this story we cross to our reporter a bungalow DiMarco avuncular and what did mr. Watson have to say about his new party certainly number a lot of things came out of this press briefing which was actually a peg to with the supporters of Rome across the country came in coming here to actually give a support to our former CEO Bruce Wayne he says he's ready to take on President Salah drama precise on his way to Parliament and settled on his way to the Union Buildings where he will focus on the needs of the many ordinary citizens throughout the country we need service delivery of course from local government provinces and of course up to the national level saying that he wants him on his hands because he's got that thing that he believes will bring about a much-needed change here in South Africa : to say and he's gonna get rid of these bodyguards that are so many surrounding presidents and make sure that he travels using a bicycle going to send him so a tour all throughout any part of the country just as to making it a point that people have got access to basic services that would mainly what he sort of came out to say saying that he is ready for the 2019 elections with his team which comprises of the national Shepherd senior secretary-general DSG you know your spokesperson and everybody that is he says he's behind him they are willing to actually take the country for what was that press conference was it well attended by local people ordinary people and how many votes would he need to get a seat in parliament basically some supporters I would say they are more than 300 they actually packed this very room way in number alia on during when mr. mood Sue Ellen was unveiling his new political party they were actually looking you know keen to actually get to hear what he has to say that has to do with them as ordinary South Africans and of course one the issue that came out nam who was on the issue of funding he says that we need not worry as the media everything is sorted out there will be succeeded as and available for you know any financial needs that the party here had in its gonna have sort of come across saying like the coffers of ACM have got money that will see them rich in fact they are register already as a political party they will check to the poles near 2019 elections he says he's working to Parliament with with his hell head held up high the course is gonna represent many South Africans is going to speak the language that people understand he's had enough of this English that is being spoken through and through people don't even understand the language the English now says that it's about time that parliamentarians which will include him are speaking in the language that South Africans relied to and actually understand the most so we don't know what's what's at stake in as far as he's a vote that he needs to go to Parliament and if at all he will be able to convince South Africans to vote for him so that he get a chance to go to Parliament but he did make mention of the fact that they will come back and actually inform us as the media is dueña they're gonna launch their manifesto and what are their plans that they are calling they're going to execute or implement building up to the 2019 elections I was going to ask upon Kela and was he surrounded by any high-profile people that we ordinarily know around him and in terms of a manifesto of course they have to launch that yet but what did he say about any policy basically there isn't anybody prominent or that we've seen before that actually was here except for the fact that he actually says that he he cannot for the young energetic people to be part of his team una familia I had with those individuals one will have to go the extra mile and get a sense of where were they and what they represent and why were they way before they came to the ACM yes indeed she says they will launch the the manifesto of the political manifesto soon one of the things they did touch base on when it comes to policy was the issue of land saying that there's this hullabaloo that people will get land of free of charge and yet to the very white people who own the land bought the land from black people now they want to get the plant back flow of charges is that that needs to be relooked saying that these supporters were actually carted here no but there must not be fused by the the a or by the populace to change that the economy to the point that land is actually you know a expropriated without conversation said that is impossible government must take the necessary steps of which his government will take the necessary step to make the point that you know a land is accessible to everyone going on to say on an African economy level he wants to see Africa as a continent having its own currency not dependent on the US dollar and the pool I mean they the US dollar and the British Pound and and other currencies Africa as a whole should have now its own currency says that those are some of the things that you'll see to it that actually get to happen during when Hazen is in the Union Buildings and of course as well in Parliament all right Julia I'm sure we're going to be watching that space as it unfolds sir that was a bungalow DeMarco our reporter reporting on flooding warnings new party

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