Well, we’re not appealing it because
our manifesto made clear that Heathrow is a private sector
industry led project, – So it’s of no relevance to the rest
of the economy? it’s not that we’ve just said from the outset,
actually, that Heathrow can’t cost the taxpayer money, that it must fit within
the zero carbon by 2050 targets overall. And that, of course, is for that organisation,
the industry, if you like, to prove. we do as a government want to see
overall airport expansion. But I have to say, we’re also absolutely
determined to live up to our commitments on behalf of this country and the future
generations to have net zero by 2050. And we can do that by having aircraft
which fly much more sustainably in the future. And that’s why we’re investing in them. Well, what happens next of course
will be up to Heathrow. We’ve always said this will be sector led,
industry led. That’s what our manifesto made very clear. So where and how that expansion happens
is a matter for that for the industry. But we’re clear we want to see
airport expansion, but we also critically must meet those net zero targets for
the next generation.