But while our assets are many and our people
are strong and hopeful, their state is not as strong as it could be or as it should be.
We have a lot to do to get Maryland back on track and working again. I refuse to accept
the status quo because the people of Maryland deserve better. Please. Before I became Governor,
increases in spending were promised that could not be kept. If ever Maryland needed a dose
of honesty, it’s now. The debates that take place in this chamber in the weeks ahead cannot
ignore the certainty of our current fiscal situation, we will make every effort to be
fair, judicious and thoughtful. My administration will work hard to preserve jobs and fund priorities.
The voters have given us an opportunity to build a government that works for the people
and not the other way around. Though our visions may differ, our goals are the same-a better,
stronger, cleaner, healthier and more prosperous Maryland. We can’t accomplish these goals
alone, we need your help, your ideas and your support. Let us renew our sense of optimism
and make Maryland a place of unlimited promise. Together, let’s change Maryland for the
better. Thank you, God bless you and may God bless the great state of Maryland.