Gohmert to Judiciary Democrats: "You're on the Wrong Side of History"

Gohmert to Judiciary Democrats: "You're on the Wrong Side of History"

May 23, 2019

what for what purpose does the gentleman from Texas seek recognition as to strike the last word gentleman is recognized thank you I'm really here in mourning for a once-great Judiciary Committee I know my first term Oh five and six I saw a current chairman as a champion for privacy rights for civil rights for Fourth Amendment rights Fifth Amendment rights and something dramatically has changed over the years there was concern back then about too much power through the FISA courts through the Patriot Act and we shared a number of those concerns and now this committee majority is on the wrong side of a very important historic time we've never had the intelligence community the FBI people at the top of the DOJ abusing their powers to create a case against a president where there was none where assets were actually used to try to set up members of the Trump campaign when there was no case to try to create a case we ought to be all over that we ought to be demanding answers from the FISA judge or judges who were either a contempt to have fraud committed against their courts or were complicit maybe it was Peter Struck's buddy that he bragged about in his text that was going to be the FISA judge that signed warrants where there was no probable cause of anything was an attempted coup and history is bringing that into focus more and more clearly and what does this committee do about the abuses the attempted coup it comes in and decides we're going to go after the Attorney General who's trying to clean up the mess Christopher Reis sure hasn't instead of asking from the Intel community let us see the hundred percent certain proof you have that Hillary Clinton's personal server was hacked by China no he covers it up said we still hadn't seen it well then ask to see it there is a disaster that has occurred in our justice system and this committee has oversight responsibilities and we are abusing those this this motion for contempt is not being done in good faith I'm not going to call anybody on this committee the names that my colleague from Tennessee just did in violation of our rules of decorum but the truth is we know that this committee majority is not acting in good faith how because they're moving could for contempt for an attorney general failing to turn over material that this majority at least some maybe it's just the staff but some people know that you can't hold someone in contempt you can vote to do that but you can't be in contempt for failing to produce things that are illegal for you to produce how do we know somebody over there knows that this is wrong is because there was an offer look Attorney General Barr if if you'll join us in going to court and getting a court order so that we can get the grand jury proceedings and evidence then we will disregard the contempt well that's evidence of a state of mind by the majority that at least somebody over there knows you cannot be contempt for failing to produce what would be illegal to produce without a court order the only wrong side of history and there is no joy here in seeing the abuses I hope and pray literally for the day when we can join forces and quit trying to push this idea of an attempted coup and uncover the abuses that have truly gone on my time is expired the committee's has to

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  1. Returdlicking still don't get it. The house judiciary commitee can DEMAND ANY DOCUMENT THEY LEGALLY NEED without a court order. READ THE FUCKING CONSTITUTION YOU BRAINLEES SHIT HEADS. It is paret of the "equal powers under the constitution". Barr is NOT supposed to be the presidents PERSONAL lawyer. He is supposed to be the lawyer who protects the ENTIRE country, the LAW ENFORCEMENT officer for the nation, not the traitor in shit, the commander in CHEATS AND LIES. YOU UNIMAGINABLY STUPID ASS CLOWNS DON'T KNOW TO READ.

  2. ALL DMS AND NADLER ARE REALLY REALLY SCARY DEAD !!! Nadler and Schiff are booth stinky Rats. HE and DMS ARE so AFRAID of the W.BARR's incoming DEEP STATE investigations on conspiracy which will unfold the Hillary and DMS's dirt spying and conspiracy and he gonna ARREST all those Corrupted Rotten FBI and official Anti-Trump conspirators. That's why they and he's trying anything and anyhow to put BARR in jeopardy and block him doing his duty. THE MUELLER REPORT IS OUT THERE. DMS DON'T LIKE IT of course. Every one can read it and interpret it at its own convenience. BUT DMS and FAKE CNN TRY TO CHANGE THE FACTS and Narratives at their OWN AGENDA. I can't wait to see HOW CNN will cover the *HUGE CORRUPTED FBI and DEEP STATE INDICTMENT AND ARRESTS*. THAT'S ONLY WHAT DMS WANTS TO KNOW IF THERE IS AN ONGOING INVESTIGATION ?????

  3. Louie, just know, We, the people, ARE listening, watching, agreeing. when those in the role to provide oversight of a failed coup attempt do not act in OUR interests, we take notice. the same people that made Trump president will ensure those acting against him, our choice, do not stay in power.
    thank you for giving us a voice.
    edit: is that Jim Jordan fiddling to your left? tell him to sit still.

  4. I Only Wish More Honest Congressman and Women Would be HONEST to their People in their States and DO The Right Thing's for them and America as well. Louie Gohmert is MY Congressman in my State in my Area of the First Congressional District of Texas. Thank You Louie for all your Hard Work you do for Us.

  5. Democrats are wasting our money when they could give our money to the wall,we are being invaded and when one of these immigrants kill or harm their children or grandchildren will they act then? U democrats are letting criminals into our state's, think God we have weapons to defend ourselves. U need to grow up and help Americans not immigrants. U grandchildren are going to be the ones that pay for your mistakes, cause u will be gone in hell and won't be able to keep them safe. Read the bible,it says the truth .U will be sorry for what u are doing.Obama and Hillary is who u should be going after. They are terrorist

  6. God bless you Mr Gohmert!! Democrats should be going after the real criminals Obama and Hillary. I'm sick of their crooked shit. Democrats are acting like children. Grow up kiddos and go suck on your pacifiers and shut your lieing mouth s

  7. The Democratic party allowed Hillary Clinton to break some of the most heinous crimes any representative of this country has ever committed her personal server in her Chappaqua New York home is treason in the highest order why Hillary has not been indicted is the Monumental question that needs to be answered

  8. It's funny how Don the Con's cult members ignore when Don the Con PUBLICLY colluded with Russia in a televised speech wherein Trump said: "Russia, if you are listening, I could really use some help getting stolen emails from Hillary", and then wiki leaks published the emails, AND then Trump said "I love wiki leaks", and then Don the Con said: "I don't know anything about wiki leaks". The ignorance of Don the Con's cult members reminds real Americans about Hitler's cult members because the Nazis, and the KKK, and the Confederates share the same LYING PREJUDICED WHITE SUPREMACIST CHRISTIAN TERRORIST BELIEFS which are: 1) call the truth fake news with the MALICIOUS INTENT to censor free speech, 2) deny people freedom of religion, and 3) oppose people having EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS.

  9. We love Mr Gohmert here in Texas. He is is sharp, and not afraid to appease the PC “Do as I say, not as I do” 💩 Demonrats. I hope he doesn’t get discouraged by the unending hypocrisy of his unhinged opponents across the aisle.

  10. It is the 28 Jews in the Democratic Party trying to set the agenda for an entire nation. Nadler's problem is he identifies more with the Jews desire to be in power than he does the American people's right to fair, honest and open government. This is easily explained and one day all of America will wake up to the fact that the ideals of Judaism and Communism are entirely consonant.

  11. We need the corrupt Congress members to be exposed and charged with the CRIMES they have committed!!! Where is the Sex Payoff List?? We deserve to which members paid to silence victims with taxpayer money!! We also need PROOF that those members have paid that money back.

  12. Boy, is THAT an understatement. Dem no longer are American, Mr. Gohmert. These people are globalist, traitorous SELLOUTS & this coup attempt under Obama is PROOF of how desperately they are angry that Trump's election interrupted their plans to turn us into another European/Islamic State nightmare.
    You MUST see that.

  13. Louie, you are a fucking Trump suck up. You want Trump to get away with his bullshit because you are blind to what Trump has done. Nailing Trump is exactly the reason you, the FBI, DOJ and everyone else are there. Barr is there to protect Trump not the people. Hillary's e-mail server has nothing to do with any of this. Fuck you, Louie, you cocksucking East Texas Asparagus Farmer Fuckup. You are damn stupid. The stupidest man in Congress. Eat shit you dumb ass.

  14. The Democratic Party is bringing down this nation. You GOP have t stepped up to stop the acts of treason going on in Thr People’s Government. The Feds should have went directly into California and arrested the politicians there for obstruction of federal laws.
    Christopher Wray is part of. The attempted coup. He needs to step down immediately along with these democrats in congress just for starters.

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