Humanity faces the greatest
crisis it has ever faced: the gathering collapse of
our life-support systems, everything depends on them. Our food, our water, our
economy, our civilisation. There would be nothing
without the living world, the only planet known to sustain life which we are wrecking at
extraordinary terrifying speed. It’s true that labour in the past has been
very weak on environmental issues. It hasn’t really had
an instinct for them and there’s still some people in the
labour Party who don’t have that instinct but what I’m seeing is a radical transformation
beginning to take root within it, particularly through its Green New Deal
and so perhaps for the first time ever we’re now faced with a genuine
environmental election, a really big choice between the
two major parties in England; one of which has become a
lot greener than the other. And so if faced with a choice between
the two major parties in England, if on that issue for no other, I would
vote Labour rather than Conservative because they have a much, much,
better environmental offer and that is actually the most
important issue on earth. It is the earth. Whoever wins
the General Election we desperately need an
active independent media which is not
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