our parents of both Margaret's from Griezmann mother came out in the early 60s my father in the early 50s they met with medical to meet in Greece because of different parts of Brisbane I met in carton of all places with where are you to meet and at my sister and I mum mum at the first trip back after they've migrated separately was nineteen seventy six and Griffin those days was just coming out of military dictatorship so the joint other kernels ran the country for about seven years and they just returned a democracy at this point and we were still a fairly common two mouths bowers we went that well off and first trip to the shops in the province of custody earth where where mom grew up i sourced some LPS and must have been a shitty little kid pardon I swear words it's early in the morning because we can have a record player at home but I was quite keen to get some LPS into my collection before we bought the record player sign nag nag and nag that and she fought for me not one but two Beatles records which was the first two Beatles records the thing about bc 2 records hey we didn't have Barry mom we didn't have a record player so and we weren't going to get a record player anytime soon but what I saw must have been a strange Mikado's nagging I had to sort of deep-seated fear that the Beatles would become passé or past hands and all their LPS would be reminded you never be able to see it in the shop again so I had the version of a consumer panic attack mum felt sorry for me the exchange rate must've been pretty good he's shown dollar then trade it pretty well against the Greek drachma so these two things which would have been unobtainable for me in Melbourne because I had attempted to nagger before whom Rimmel burn suddenly became objects who's prepared to purchase for me now there's a couple more things that we did buy on that trip because my artists there her elder sister was there and the guy that ran this record shop at some point she said you know humne this kid he doesn't have a record player be able to hear these old piece for a little while he said oh you know what I can do i can tell you i can i can take you some of these el piso absolute breach of copyright he personal you like a SMS finance right so apart from these two was also the wings album band on the run and then there was a type of the beatles compilation 67 270 which is the blue on the double LP on this really really crappy little tape and that's all I played when I got home so even though I had these two little things to sort of look forward to popping the platter on me on the record player it took quite a while before I actually got to hear either these records but I did have two cassette the other thing was interesting about we see today about how people consume anything in those days a without a record player is to sit next to transistor radio with the one finger on the record button has a figure on the play button put the two down the way you went if you heard your favorite song and so in a few years I'd have these little mix tapes which I play on this it's a dictaphone really it wasn't anything more spectacular than a dictaphone and that was essentially my music collection until these things end of the household and again as I say we weren't that were lots took about a another year before the purchase came into the either actual record player came in the house and we could pop up we can pop these photos on now we've got the music we can queue up yes yes these are very rare Greek blessings of these articles follow they are and in fact gotta say whether their reports or not I don't know and so though they would have been manufactured in the military dictatorship which offers quite a curious thing to think about subtitles collectors most of the sort of European light covers would have some identifiable mark on the top the German month of the more collectible apparently I don't have any heat but apparently the Germans more collectible you see across here's a little EMI record player there and I think the then you've got some weird address on the back for some long to hump record pressing plant in groups it's on the bottom the opening line of the first track on a Beatles album is the count in 1 2 3 4 which a couple people tried since you're among center yeah the remote that one on their first LP and of course Springsteen before he goes into the final highways jab with broken heroes on a lot of stress power drive much more epic 1 2 3 4 but it's a least kids obviously had something had their finger on some quite extraordinary pot as I said when I was kid I worried that they were in the past tense because in mid 70s and so on the radio a little bit anyway put the second one which is now more interested in looking back which I didn't pick up at the time but beetle heads Paul is picking up chicks and his first someone first cider please please me John Lennon's first lyric first is a whinge about the world trade means pay and misery and of course as twelve-year-old you do not pick up this stuff as a twelve-year-old especially off the second I please mr. postman was one of my favorite tracks awful second album twist and shout off the first album but you know the old man looking back on this thing and you pick this guy prof. choice 20 you know world fame beckons from the first thing you want to tell the world is it strictly bad and illiterate that is one of the thing about objects though is that you return to them throughout your life and you have this reinterpretation the object may not change but you do and you were saying that one of your favorite beatles songs of the time you now look back on us being pretty shy so I kind of we're talking about this the other day trying to set this thing up the song that turned me into a Beatles fan which I heard on my transistor which she loves you and you know I don't have any of those because I'm not a baby boomer right i cant pretend that i was watching it Sullivan and you know Elvis kick down the door for me or I was watching The Beatles you know and I didn't I didn't rob a bank that day and I started home in worship at home in the mid seventies in the in a still a fairly monocultural Melbourne kids of immigrants of going to school now heard this song it's what most extraordinary force of nature I've ever heard it's the TV gloves on right and if there's not much in it and I don't be a place you love you all that much now that was the one that got me going in fact was a very always very hard time to cue up on the tape recorder because it goes straight into the either neutral drumroll she loves you so drumroll chorus I never actually caught it on tape we're calling off the radio wasn't that always tricky with the record and a play but yeah I think one or the other will move it that cassette player never had a fourth bummer because you can just set it up and set it up and wait and then you go click and of course as you've got a bit more sophisticated with your mixtape you know if you had a bad cut about edit you know remember that little clunk that would come on which would signify the to be recording yeah and now see I hear sometimes when I miss that climb call that scratch on the record it doesn't feel antsy and your shackles if you can join me in thanking our guest today [Applause]