>>This is a foundation. This is not a source of vast or infinite wealth. With a hundred million or a few hundred million dollars, in a country of 80 million people, you can change a facility here, a training curriculum there. You can’t make system-wide change. Atlantic has been able … is in the midst of a system-wide influence on health care in Viet Nam largely because, maybe only because, it was determined early on to set up a partnership with a government that wanted to do things better but didn’t know how. Atlantic could supply models and methods and tests and ideas, and expertise from abroad, working with the government at every level of the system, from the elite decision-makers in Hanoi down to the managers of the commune health stations in remote rural villages. Working with them to achieve the change they wanted but didn’t know how to make, was Atlantic’s greatest and most important contribution.>>The government has been our most reliable partner, as well as a partner that we’ve worked very hard to get interested and to expand the work that we’re doing.