we're here today for future fleet forum this is the first international public sector fleet management event we have featured speakers from the United States Canada Sweden the UK Ireland and tomorrow we have another full day of interactive workshops tonight we're having the future Fleet Awards where we honor those that have performed exceedingly well in our industry I'm honored and delighted to be in this historic and spectacular location London Guildhall to present the new tube fleet awards 2019 they're very impressive I learned a lot of things that I normally wouldn't have learned back in the States one of the biggest takeaways is that we all we all have the same challenges and we have the same problems so the networking aspect I think is really valuable we've been working with a library for many many years now and the events they organize your way to very well-attended they get some fantastic quality of people that come along we've been here for the past four years fantastic time YouTube news forum is a great event and it's a perfect for company like mine we have seen many delegates and we can talk to a lot of people and promote our machines and we're really getting the key speakers and I think the International buy-in has been excellent and the exhibitors are saying the silver level of people that are coming along to this event because of the structure of it and the information they're getting out of it has been excellent and it's driving all the messages through it's like a golden thread our pool we call it it's just bringing all their messages to one place and people are getting a lot of benefits from it well it's a pleasure for us to be here for the second year running to support the forum lots of our fleet managers and people involved in fleet and capital asset management and that's the people we need to meet and you know help help design the future really for people who are rocking in the fleet management it has to it's a major event and it's why more and more people from many places in the world are coming here in London so we plan to be here next year again and we'll have to come up with other cities from Canada people come to this event key people in our industry from local authorities by the industries for people that we want to see and that we do business with and the future feat forum is so great because there are people from all over the country bringing in all different stories of best practice and it's a real hub of learning I was delighted to be invited to be a judge in the from Awards there was a fantastic range of entries and some of the decisions were really hard to make and it was just a pleasure to be involved in industry there is a lot of hard work that goes on over the year and it's often you know you feel like you're not making much progress so it's the future of equal rewards is a fantastic opportunity to recognize that progress has been made over the air you you