eventual caveny yes of course Peter good afternoon to you and also that viewers at home we are coming to you live from the headquarters of the free state government this is the day pizza that we all been waiting for especially the people of the free state yes there are some surprises here and there with sin may mamita kabocha she's the former agrodolce m ec she's also the former Speaker of the legislature here in the province is back in the hot seat and she's going to be there a new Embassy of Social Development but fortunately pita and I managed to get one of the very very important people here mr. McHale Roma Holly she's the chairperson of the ANC Youth League in the province and now she has been a sewn-in as the MSA of economic development and small businesses and she's he's also going to be looking at positions like you know let me say the youth issues we know that in various provinces especially getting the province we've got so many youth who are unemployed and we were speaking with him earlier on to say that you are the chairperson of the agency Youth League now you have you are into the hotspots now the position which maybe we'll be looking at those youth who are unemployed in the province he's here with me I'm going to be talking to him dr. McCulloh thanks for your timing daddy this position how does it feel let me first state and say and thank the premier of the first eight momentum Bella for selecting me amongst the many I'm more humbled by the past that she has on me and also on the M people in general I see this a great challenge which I don't think it will be an impossible task even though challenging because of the issues we have raised the immediate task is to deal with the issues of unemployment in general and unfortunately even in our province the young people are in majority who are part of those statistics of the unemployed boom that is an immediate task because when you speak of the issues of the economy but most importantly that you would not as the struggle of the Africa that is led by the African National Congress for its people it's all about that are in their lives and a doesn't of that are in their lives it is the economic transformation so this is one of those portfolios that I see that it is at the core of the revolutionary struggle of our people and I believe working with the team we will really make it and I think um one is equal to the task mr. McCullough as we mentioned earlier on that you are also the chairperson of the Youth League now you are into the government as an Emmy see how are you going to be managed in both position because we know that they've got their own challenges yes I must indicates that I am the outgoing chair person because my term has just ended sometime during the elections so we will be inviting wonderful sources of following the necessary organizational processes in order to go to the Congress where I can be able to hand over to the new leadership that will be elected and thereafter I should be able to focus all of my attention to the Department Free State has got so many challenges of unemployment our economy here is not at a good place and how are you hoping to work with your colleagues we've seen a Makita batei with her experience we've seen mm moans and see with a experience from the health department how are you hoping to work together in terms of taking and the province forward yeah understanding is as the Department of Economic Development it will not be able to to do or to deliver as a department on its own because the issues of economy cut across from various sectors both economic cluster social cluster so I'm very positive and hopeful that we should be able to collaborate and identify those economic opportunities in various departments pulling the necessary support a holistic comprehensive plan that will be so much integrated so that the entire value chain in all the economic activities everyone will have a role to play so that ultimately we can have an impact in whatever that you are doing so the success of the department relies mostly on cooperation whose economic activities in their own nature are integrated a lot operating in isolation there you have it PETA mr. McCullough Mohali the new MSE for economic development youth and also tourism here in the Free State talking an important issue here to say that he will be working together with colleagues or other emesis in terms of taking this province forward Peter its back to you service oh thanks very much indeed so an important week politically but it's also an important week