Beautiful… Serene…
Breathtaking… From lush green forests, to rolling hills,
deep river canyons, and mountains that dwarf our tallest skyscrapers. They belong to everyone.
They are truly National treasures. But did you ever think about what it takes
to get you to our National Parks? To get you through them?
We’re the Office of Federal Lands Highway, a branch of the Federal Highway Administration,
and for a century we have been responsible for transportation infrastructure in our National
Parks. From scenic roads that blend with the environment, To pedestrian footpaths with green energy-friendly
lighting, hiking and biking trails, and pedestrian footbridges,
The work we do helps move you into and around these parks, and enhances your
experience. The work of the Office of Federal Lands Highway
involves nearly 500,000 miles of public roads and bridges that provide access to Federally
owned lands. We work with other Federal Agencies and partners to help them meet their transportation
needs. We share expertise with our partners, ranging
from environmental and design know-how to engineering expertise.
We hire local companies and bring good jobs to your communities. And transportation work
improves access to our parks and forests, which enhances the visitor experience and
boosts tourism. But our mission involves more than just parks.
The Office of Federal Lands Highway is also responsible for the roads and bridges through
our national forests, wildlife refuges, Indian reservations, and even military installations.
And, we manage the Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads Program, which helps pay the unusually heavy expenses for the repair and reconstruction of Federal roads damaged by natural disasters, like making repairs at Liberty Island after Hurricane
Sandy. Our engineers work hand in hand with landscape
architects, foresters, historians and biologists to develop and build the roads and landscapes
within these Federal lands. Our Federal lands belong to everyone. Our
Federal roads belong to everyone. At Federal Lands Highway, we build roads that
“lie lightly on the land.” You can find out more about the Federal Highway
Administration on the Web at You can also join the conversation on our
Social Media channels. The Federal Highway Administration–
making sure the roads and bridges you drive on will get you wherever you’re going as safely
as possible.