now it’s being dubbed the brexit
election on Thursday millions of Brits headed to the polls in a snap general
election the third in a space of just five years in the United Kingdom this
one is expected to set the direction of the UK’s departure from the e.u the
polls closed at the top of the hour and we have our reporter Oh Sooyoung who’s
been following the developments overnight for her for us here in Seoul
so see young we’ve been hearing some polls saying this race might be closed
but according to the exit polls we’ve just been looking at between reports it
appears that isn’t really the case right that’s right mark as balance closed at
the top of the hour where we just heard the exit poll come out and if there
anything to go by it seems that the Conservative Party is going to see a
strong majority it looks like the Conservatives will gain around three
hundred and sixty eight seats labour will perform the worst that has seen
since 1983 with 191 seats the Liberal Democrats 13 seats and the Scottish
National Party 55 seats and the brexit party looks like it won’t gain any seats
so it looks like we have we will see the resource in line with recent opinion
polls now exit polls are for the most part accurate but you really can’t
ignore the margin of error there’s always a chance of an unexpected result
as we saw in 2015 because a general election is not just one election but
650 contest in seats across the country each with their own dramas personalities
and political games yeah we must stress that these is just an exit poll for now
but these exit polls have been pretty accurate in the past when it comes down
to the final results so as it stands at least in regards to the exit poll the
Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson would have a majority of
43 which would be an increase on their majority and very bad news for the main
opposition Labour Party led by mr. Jeremy Corbyn of course but leading
up to this election there had been some chewing and throwing on in the poll some
saying conservatives would win by about nine or ten points
some saying labour was closing the gap right so even a couple of weeks ago most
opinion polls said that the Conservatives would perhaps have around
sixty eight seats in majority but recently they’ve been slimming the
majority has been slimming down to twenty eight seats and well if this exit
poll is anything to go by it’s the Conservatives have done much
better earlier they’ve had a very good day and it’s in fact it’s expected to be
their best performance since 1987 now labour however is expected to see
its worst performance since 1983 if the a hundred and ninety one seats
prediction is right so I spoke to an expert about why labour has been seeing
such a poor performance I think labour have had a very difficult
position because the Conservatives are very clear uncorrected
whether labour has some difficulty Jeremy Corbyn has promised a second
referendum if he wins if he has a majority in parliament
however he himself is being sort of unwilling to come down on either side
when it’s been put to him who would he campaign for would he campaign for leave
or remain again he said that he will give the decision to the people and so I
think there are very mixed messages coming out of labour
traditionally labour is the voice of the working people labour is the voice of
the progressive ideas in society unfortunately we don’t seem to be seeing
that from the Labour Party at the moment we also have a big split between the
labour and the Liberal Democrats they might be taking votes away from each
other still the latest poll by you Goff shows
we can’t ignore the margin of error there’s still a chance we may see a slim
Tory majority or a hung Parliament’s where no party holds a majority right so
that was the poll though released that’s not the exit poll we’re
looking at the screen there that’s what we saw in the day or two before the
election and it proves maybe that that was a little bit out of line with the
sentiment among the British public but if for whatever reason there’s a big
mistake in that exit poll and like I said they generally are fairly on on
spot these days especially in the UK if there was any kind of hung parliament or
the Tory party had a very slim majority that could lead to some kind of horse
trading going on between the parties again which we saw under the former
prime minister Theresa May right well let’s say that Boris Johnson his party
does win a strong majority then obviously Johnson would stay as Prime
Minister and lead the Conservatives but if there’s a slim majority or a hung
parliament then Johnson is going to have to win the support of MPs from minor
parties as former prime minister trees are maded with the Democratic Union
Party but the DUP is against Johnson’s brexit plan which sets out a different
departure term for Northern Ireland so winning them over may prove difficult
this time around if Johnson fells to gain enough backing then he may have to
resign and labour could instead form a majority with the Liberal Democrats or
the Scottish National Party in the final scenario the Labour Party would approve
opinion polls wrong and gain a majority and then of course Jeremy Corbyn would
become prime minister yeah but that’s something that’s not looking likely
based on the exit polls at least and if he loses in what you say would be the
worst Labour Party performance since the early 1980s you really got a wonder
whether he’d stay on because he has said he would resign if label or selections
before and and he stayed in the position he’s not particularly popular especially
among conservatives but even among members of his own labour party so they
may need a fresh face going forward but regardless of the outcome
what it really comes down to you know is bricks it because we had this referendum
in the UK three and a half years ago now it was the biggest political mandate
ever by the British public to leave the EU but here we are in late 2019 still in
the European Union yes is any of these parties are they going to stick to this
pledge or what the British pop people have told them to do to actually get
brexit done though well of course this early election was called by Boris
Johnson himself because he really wanted to get a move on with brexit in fact the
mantra for his slogan during this campaign was get brexit done and I’m
sure you’ve seen his Love Actually parody yeah well Johnson has said that
under his leadership the UK would leave the EU on January 31st 2020 and that the
transition period during which the two parties during which the two parties
would strike up a new tray term would not be extended beyond December 2020
meanwhile the Labour Party has said it will renegotiate a deal that sets out
closer ties with the EU and also hold a second referendum within six months the
Lib Dems and the SMPS have said that they will cancel brexit but of course
the chances of them winning or gaining a majority is really slim to none so canna
Tory or labour victory really put an end to the drama while most experts there
members of the public are really unsure a lot of people doubt the validity of
Prime Minister Johnson’s claims and at the same time they doubt the validity of
jeremy corbyn’s election pledges to spend 100 million
pounds during the next decade in Scotland you know there’s a lot of
numbers and money being bandied about but how much of this is actually
reliable is a very important thing and I would say the British public are rightly
becoming a little bit skeptical yeah skeptical is one word to call it
but thanks very much Sooyoung and I guess we’ll be seeing the final results
very soon but for now it would appear that it is Prime Minister Johnson who’s
popping the champagne at the moment a little less joy in the
Corbin camp but we’ll we will see whether the exit poll is correct just to
remind you if you’ve just tuned in the exit poll shows the Conservative Party
led by Johnson perhaps getting majority of 43 which is which would be great news
for him suyeong thanks very much for coming in and hopefully you keep us
updated throughout the day thank you thank you