Stanislaus State has an excellent Executive MBA program It’s designed for working professionals that have at least 5 years of management experience The advantage of this program is two-fold One, classes are on Saturdays and number two it’s accelerated So you’re able to take all of your classes within a 15 month time frame We designed the program to be very convenient for management because you don’t have to sign up for classes we register you we have cohorts that rotate in different locations between Turlock or Modesto, Stockton and Tracy Our EMBA program we met in Turlock on Saturdays it was a commitment all day but you know you really got immersed with the student group everybody was there we were able to really connect and form our groups from there and so the Saturday EMBA really fit my lifystyle perfectly One of the main benefits was is that we didn’t have to register for a course all books everything was provided we also follow some you know problem solving techniques and some team building work exercises things like that, that could help along the way My class I teach usually it’s Management Accounting class Students are going to learn how the costs are allocated I teach the Executive Strategic Leadership Management course where students are asked to run their own fictitious company that makes electronic sensors The activities that are included in this program include an offsite team event we have field trips students have guest speakers so you really get a lot to this program Our Executive MBA is fully accredited by AACSB it’s a reflection of the quality of the faculty and the staff and that puts us among the top 5% of business schools in the world I chose Stan State just because I like the CSU system it was also accredited so that’s what really attracted me to Stan State I really wasn’t expecting anything out of the MBA program from a promotion standpoint if opportunities arise in the future I’ll definitely feel I would be well suited for those roles it has nothing but helped me since I’ve been done it’s given me an opportunity to really determine you know where I want to go with my work and where I could use the studies and learnings I have learned throughout the course of the 15 months It’s an awesome program it’s for those who are geared toward looking for higher education Stan State is an excellent choice for your MBA I am a proud warrior alum