so we come here today to ask you to remember all the people I've been doing all these accidents and stuff this weekend and all the flood and tornado people we're trying to best to help them and Lord just don't forget them and help us make the right decision here today I need okay let's go ahead and move right into our reports Sean flight news here or Sammy's been a busy month yeah that sir several things going on this month that we're kind of unusual gonna stop at the top start at the top financially we still continue perform outperform last year both gaming and our diversified businesses the gaming market in northeast Oklahoma is at saturation we've actually got a little bit more than what we call our fair share and hats off to our operations people for that our diversified businesses continue to win contracts with the with the government I think we're at about 300 million so far this year which is on pace with last year and we anticipate finish in the last quarter of the year they're in good shape so proud of the effort proud of the results I'll update the properties that telecoil opening was very successful that casinos since opening has performed about 80 percent over what the old casinos done been very well except accepted by the community as with any new opening from a property going from a small property to a medium-size property with different amenities there's some kinks to be worked out and we're working hard to improve the service on food and beverage and just you know number one is the quality of the food needs to be great and then we need to get it to them as quick as quick as we can so we're still working on that one of the issues when you first open something is called HVAC air balancing where you balance the inside and outside pressure of the casino to allow all the smoke remover equipment that we've got to function property properly and we still we still have a ways to go on that there's been more smoke in there than what there should have been so they're working with that every day those sensors and and heavy equipment air vac equipment just very sensitive and and you got to get it right or it doesn't perform as it should with the water the Bassmaster tournament was scheduled for September and we're looking forward to having that hard rock the exterior remodel is underway it's going to start on the east side facing a hundred ninety third and work its way around the building the project is slated for a year additionally we're gonna redo the inside of the Hard Rock Tower the rooms in the Hard Rock Tower and the original Cherokee Tower this year those rooms are now 15 years old in the Cherokee tower and ten years old in the Hard Rock Tower that's just impossible to believe it's gone by that by that quickly as you're aware the we had the incidents with the flood and things when you may not be aware of is you know our diversified businesses we received notice from the State Department that there needed to be an emergency evacuate from Baghdad so we did that and approximately a week later there was a missile strike within half a mile of that compound so we appreciate the heads-up we got from that we work very closely with the State Department and the other agencies over there and I'm happy to say there were no injuries or anything so start with Fort Gibson in the flood you know I just kind of let this stuff down so I can remember so from there's a lot to remember so starting at Fort Gibson at 6:30 last Tuesday evening mark Fulton and I received a notice from emergency management that the Fort Gibson Casino would be impacted by flood waters at noon on Wednesday we made the call to evacuate and at 9:00 p.m. the casino closed the cache was pulled from the games counted and taken to another location for safekeeping the games were removed as well as the bases they sit on and secured in the old Tahlequah casino other equipment and furniture were moved or stacked kudos to our casino operations team and and other support departments who pitched in and who did all that and closed it at 5:30 Wednesday morning it was quite a sight I mean there were trucks looked on lined up from our locations in Bartlesville romona all across the 14 counties came came to the rescue and they worked all night I didn't they did and at 5:30 that place was empty it was it was quite a quite an effort and quite an accomplishment I feel and my hats off to them subsequently floodwaters have surrounded the casino and they've impeded to the floor level carpets soaked the cable trays underneath are filled with water and we will begin an assessment of the damage as soon as the water's received and as soon as we get the all clear signal to re-enter the building when we built that casino years ago we raced it two feet above the hundred-year flood plains and since that property sits in a designated floodplain we purchased flood plain insurance our policies have a 500,000 deductible and a 20 million dollar property damage cap since this is in a floodplain the only business interruption insurance that we could purchase has a 14-day wait time so it will begin to pay back on next Wednesday we reassigned employees to telecoil or worked with those who have been impacted and could not get to work so no one will lose any pay over this at South Coffeyville at 2:00 p.m. on Monday we were informed by the emergency management team up there that the Coffeyville water treatment plant would be infiltrated by water at 6:00 a.m. Tuesday morning and would be shut down which would force our casino to shut down Highway 169 between Coffeyville and South Coffeyville was closed as well as some portions of 169 in the Nevada Coffee South Coffeyville area they forecasted the flooding would close all major routes routes into South Coffeyville except on highway leading to copan or through a maze of rural roads due to its isolation we felt for this do the employees we should close that casino pull the machines and transfer the cash to another location at that time we had very little play on the games everyone was staying home you know watching the weather at 6 p.m. on Monday we closed to the public in by 10:45 p.m. the cash was secured at another location with the help from the Marshal Service in the transport we did not have to move any of those game said as if those were never threatened to get in the building there by floodwaters all employees were instructed to call their supervisor via sign it instructions in any employee unable to get to work was identified and we work with them to make sure they were paid for any mess time due to the flooding thankfully emergency management predictions were not met and we were able to reopen the casino late yesterday afternoon are there any questions about the flooding and damage yes sir 500 well I don't know the answer to that dick at the time we looked at it and it was a lot of money that to go from from the hundred year flood plain to the 500 we were told at one of these meetings and I don't know that for sure I wasn't there that I was told this was a thousand-year flood and so you know there just nothing you can really do that is a cost benefit to prepare for that yes it was built I think during the speaker you may be able to when we reopened that convenience store there yeah it was originally built for the compact with the state on fuel and then we just kind of added added to it that's the only one that I believe is in a floodplain and I we have checked on that we will reach up on that pretty nice I think we have explored that one and come to the same conclusion they do some work to build a safe room I always thought that was a bathroom yeah all in all facilities this past December I asked them to make sure that our employees and guests had a safe place to go during the storms particularly in Ramona and South Coffeyville for whatever reason those things just seem to track through there all the time and we're always having to shut down and evacuate and you know hats off to our security people in and management they're they pay close attention and rule is safety first not not keeping the game sight so there are safer rooms in Ramona and Fort Gibson area they're not really considered a hundred percent safe rooms they're safer they're reinforced and things like that so we have gone to several sites and I don't have the list with me and we're building either a tornado shelter there on-site or we're building what's called a safe room inside the building somewhere I believe Ramona it has to be outside the inside can hold a hundred I believe and so once that safer area fills up with a hundred they're there in the hallways and things like that so we're putting some supplemental safety facilities in most all of our all of our sites the outside businesses are not gaming diversified businesses I guess I could ask you later what's the profit margin okay yeah that's probably a little competitive information out there but I will say this it's headed north from where we started with that that's a tribute to to the work we've done and being able to get better contracts with different different government departments I think most of you receive today I hope they an email announcing that we were filing today an application for an Arkansas racing license for Polk County and I believe that took place about 10:00 or 10:30 I'm not sure exactly what time as you know we've we have been analyzing what Polk County would do as a standalone casino and then what the impact might be – to Roland and we've our feasibility studies have shown that it's very profitable for us to pursue that particular license I kind of alluded a little bit ago – to the gaming market in general here in the 14 counties that's what we are restricted to we we have the right to game on trust land in the 14 counties and our corporate strategy has been to everywhere that there's a market to make an investment as long as it made economic sense and so that's how we've ended up where we've ended up in the 14 counties and at this point in northeast Oklahoma there is no more gaming market I think there's 96 casinos in Oklahoma that's our gaming facilities that that's that's unheard of anywhere and so we're at a crossroads we're going to continue to try to capture market share from our two competitors in the Tulsa market and we're going to continue to try to capture market share for the other casinos that are in northeast Oklahoma so it's kind of a battle at this point for whatever gaming market there is in Oklahoma so the glory days are over we're at the height of that we have more than our what's called our fair share of the market now so if we want to continue to grow gaming and we're good at it we're gonna have to move outside of Oklahoma and when we move outside of the 14 counties we enter what's called the commercial gaming market just like you see in Las Vegas or many of the other states around so given that given that there's a license available within close proximity to where we are it just makes sense for our first venture into commercial gaming to be in our neighboring state and right down the road and so we know that Warner gaming out of Las Vegas is going to compete for a license we know that golf side out of Gulfport Mississippi is going to compete for a license and and then our biggest competition is going to we feel like we'll be the Choctaw Nation so there was a 30-day window established May 1st that ran runs through this afternoon at 5 o'clock and it's an application period that closes this is all unknown over in Arkansas it's new to Arkansas so they're kind of feeling feeling their way through it and so we have to feel our way through it as well and based on the fact that that we knew our competitors were going to file we felt like to preserve our right to pursue that license our legal counsel advised us to file as well today now the the nuance is that that implication will probably be ruled incomplete as will all the others because the way the constitutional ballot question set it up was you had to have a letter of support from the county officials of polk county court judge or polk county quorum court would have to issue a letter on behalf of an operator that would be submitted to the Racing Commission and move forward no one's going to have that but they're finally in anyway because there's only a 30-day window to apply so we didn't want to be in a spot where at some point in the future they said hi we're sorry you didn't file during that initial 30-day period and so to protect that right we filed today we will continue to work with Russellville it does have ties to the Cherokee Nation historically I believe the first school in Arkansas was in Russellville and I believe it was called Sequoia and as down the road at Malton I believe that there was where one of the Trail of Tears ended there on the Arkansas River so a lot of historic ties for the Cherokee people and I think that when we looked at it from an economic feasibility study its it's a slam-dunk it's something that we should pursue and we're going to well I'll be happy to answer any questions and that that concludes my report for today jump so that going for the license and it's that do you have a cost of if we you know I can tell you what the others have put out there and you know one of the considerations by the officials is who's going to do best thank for for the County gulfside is out there publicly with 200 million dollar facility I think hard rock which is Warner gaming think that they're in that ballpark maybe a little north of that so anything that we proposed with need to be competitive on in that circle they're chopped toes are actively pursuing that license they came in a little bit late but they've hit the ground running and I think the thing that's that is kind of up in the air is what the license fee is going to be from the from the county so yesterday we had a board meeting and we discussed all of this we had our third party consultant come in that does the feasibility studies that are independent of what we do internally and he met with the board and went over what his recommendations were and and they were you know without getting a lot of information public about it for competitors to listen to it was very favorable for the Cherokee people to take that next step and like I say we we're at a decision point even if this hadn't happened we're at max game we can either stay and float long or we can get the game out there in the commercial world and compete I feel like we have the knowledge we certainly have the financial strength to get out there and and do something good that will continue to provide jobs and continue to provide a strong dividend stream for the people just an element on that note with you know the ranching and I know the business side we're doing good my what's been on my mind for I guess about four years and I can look around here some of you guys get neighborhoods like like me and came in and some country but yeah like as far as housing I don't want to get off track but better we could all take you take you around to some of our areas mm-hmm just housing right we need some help you know and a lot of the folks like me common folks do you know you hear that you hear that a lot like we've got enough casinos that's you know you know you've heard of that a lot of people have heard that and I understand a little bit about the businesses feasibility and invest this and make this much money and and I you know you can't argue with that but boy i we need to get you in your bunch and figure out you know something with the housing and I don't know if we do a a work group Gary doing its darndest and you know a lot of that's Phaedra yeah kind of a not anything profound but a housing boy I mean we need some dollars you know that the new construction is a wonderful thing different housing program but it's not enough I know you guys when you set your mind to building some houses I gather they went quick or I'm thinking along the lines more of maybe help it you know with the some more tribal dollars and stuff because like I say that that's kind of that what you'll hear is bull repealing all these casinos and you know a lot of that is you know that's just if you look around at some of the houses I can see that argument sure come on guys let's take care of the home front and we're all trying to do that but you wouldn't be opposed to sitting down with the little work group sometime and O'Brien I know he's done some digging had some little little houses and I think there's some programs going here and there but it's it's a need that I think everybody knows that here and I'd love to think about it visit with some of these guys and maybe sit down with you sometime ministration and and because I've been driving around you know just really been bugging me for a long time like yeah we got to figure out something on that housing and that's uh like I said I see what what's going on and wouldn't make some money we can make it I just sure I'd like to help you spend some of it something that's bad it on my deal thank you thank you I'm sure not to make this into a housing deal but I just want to let you know that I have some plans I've talked to some different people and some different councilmen about a maybe trying to get some funding some often and funding besides federal money so our housing whenever we don't qualify through federal funds that we can use Cherokee money to help these people that were not being able to help at this time you know there are some places that we can look I haven't thought about the casino stuff but there's some other places that I've been told about that I'll sit down and share with you what I've found out and you know I think it would be especially you know where your some of the counties or you know and my counting is the same way you know some of these people need help and you know kind of have to think outside the box a little bit how to get it but I haven't thought really about casino money but there are some other programs that we might be able to get some money for each counselor and I know that your district and my district and some of the other ones will really benefit from it and the people have benefit from it too and on she's got some information for you be glad to do it thank you Seana I was at the court meeting yesterday and I really come in you and your staff for staying ahead of the game then the market you know Coahoma he said Oklahoma course is saturated and we've had two large casinos come in right in our area and yet we still are controlling our market and probably taking some of theirs so so we're doing a good job we're good at what we're doing right now when you protect the assets of our borderline casinos that that's a big deal not only are we saving jobs but we're getting into an area there that that will provide us a little bit more stability than just doing tribal casinos we're getting into a market there commercial marketing a little bit different what we're talking about earlier here who will who's gonna be the overseer of that you will not be our Gaming Commission you'll be the Arkansas correct right do you see any major problems with them be kind of like the Oh HRC is with the tracks you know we do things right anyway so you know there should be no issues with that at all one thing I did forget is the initial estimate to reopen Fort Gibson is mid-september and so know there's gonna have to be a lot of remediation and there's some long lead time items there with with carpet and the electrical units and things like that so glad we have the BI in the meantime our employees at Fort Gibson they will be ready everybody's being thanked and will be that's good news just you know we're kind of later we are the leader in the casino business right now I like the way we keep forging ahead in and put it I again take up we slow down we're gonna get caught in and I just like the idea of expanding like that and I long for housing too but good I'm gonna plug it on oh look I think that's a great move thank you this move has been working round the clock for us driving an airboat and so we appreciate your willingness to let us have him and but a you know blessed consequence that he was right here at the time that we needed him with skills we need it so appreciate that and pass that along to whoever's covering for him we will while he's out here yeah go ahead this is a completely different thanks Sean but at this front bring this to your attention that was that a ho su fundraiser about ten days ago at the cop Center in Tulsa and I didn't know anything about it he's got an invitation from the OSU foundation I look at your reports and you always report contributions to make you may have did this and this don't were looked at but the Cherokee Nation was a sponsor for this banquet at $100,000 prize back and it kiss it kind of a cop me bet surprised that none of the council members were invited to that agenda Mary Shaw Baker said she got the invite the night before the other thing is I don't know if you knew it or not but it may been reported that there was a hundred thousand dollar contribution and I say that because on the sponsorship it said the price was and we were the sponsor of it I just thought you know our health department was involved at OSU and I think it's a good day no no I'm not saying it's a bad job I just think that things like that should be brought to this council's attention to know what's going on because of that type of money it's for scholarships which we're all for scholarship for students right but it just coming I don't know kind of caught me wrong none the council members got the invitation to go I saw the list and it was about 16 or 17 people that I've invited no count the number on there don't Mary Baker charge and she knew the night before so just want to bring that to your attention to make sure that who's doing that that I think the council deserves some recognition for that sure oh I'll check on that when I'm not familiar with the specifics of it all look into it see what I thought that should be fairly easy to get done yeah well I appreciate it you know that's a that's a big contribution I'm glad we're able to make a contribution to them so I'm not driving about that because I understand you thank you madam chair anything else all right good okay Jamie's locked and loaded ready to go good afternoon madam chair tribal council believe you have our finance report we have to try to answer any questions you have would like to take one moment to thank the executive directors their management teams and finance staff for preparing and submitting their FY 20 per post budgets I believe we're in receipt of those now in the budgets office and they're diligently working to review those and put in a comprehensive budget in front of you later this summer where are we at on our and he's talking about our health facilities and had our work group where we add on you know we talked about giving some money for to promote the house and in my area it was cherry tree where we had I know somebody was gonna do a study and I don't want to lose yes bang and and I felt kind of in a hurry there for a few months and but it would just be once we come to a conclusion a budget mod like we do all the time we come to and we should have our public health subcommittee here in just a couple of weeks and so we will definitely put on the spot well I mean I know Lisa's working hard I just wanna keep it going while we talk from that Thank You Harley yes thank you my dear Jamie I noticed on some of our reports it was about a million six there was non terror bids can you give us an example of some of those I know where the big items are really a lot about a lot of small items are added after that sir I have not looked at that detail but I'll be glad to sure I didn't give you an idea and it seemed to be it seems to grow every time we ever it's about one or two percent normally right if you yeah and some of that may be health equipment for the clinic there won't be a single you know there's only one vendor that makes this that or the other and we may see some increases in that ramping up during them I'm not saying that's one I had questioned it at one time and that was the explanation that I got so I think you probably have to hit the nail man I think you check on Jamie later yes Shawn yeah the public health subcommittee will be addressing that it's ongoing and been drawn well I didn't but thank you Elise is gonna Diana if you don't mind I'm gonna let Anna go ahead and come up because yours may get like it's a dream of Anna's to go ahead of you I think this is the second time I'm flattered this request then for about seven years um you have a copy in my report and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have we're just it's great season so we're just writing grants as early as we can find and making loans and going forward with business as usual so it's good just that good mm-hmm I will point out we do a procurement chart as well that we get from all of the entities and it's on page six of my report and mm-hmm what we do is we look at the total number of Terrell eligible opportunities where there's a tara eligible where there's a tara vendor eligible to bid on it and and the government's rate is ninety eight point two four percent in awarding all those bits to Tarot vendors and you can see see any the health entities see and I are all listed out there as well we gather that information from them okay okay sure reports just that good all right Diane you've got my report just kidding um anyway it was pretty lengthy I Jeff said to make sure you guys know that he's gonna have close to 600 summaries kids and if you've got a job sighs I didn't get one we're sorry but we've worked very hard in fact the counselors are still trying to get the applications processed and we're trying to get the pay cards done because we have a time line with finance to get the pay cards so we're working hard and they're working around the clock to try to get it done last month there was a couple of committees that we got brought up in I tell Denise I said I feel like I've gotta watch that monitor all the time now I don't know why Carol gets thrown up and everything for I guess we're everywhere but I submitted our reports back three Jenice to all of you and then I also submitted the one for the help that they were asking about the OSU Medical contract and I sent that over to Councilman like we're continuing to do job fairs we're working with our management team has been invited to go to Dallas to meet with the Department of Labor at the end of the month they like the idea that we don't have silos where you got one program here one program here and they're doing their own thing that we're all connected and we're gonna go down and smooth them hopefully it'll help us to get more dollars coming in I reported to the chief yesterday evening I stayed late and I said I guess there was a reason why I stayed late it was seven o'clock in Washington DC I get a phone call from the Dallas Regional Office director and he said I knew you were still working and I said did you know that he said because I usually talk to you lake in the afternoon but he had call to let us know that there's seven Job Corps centers they're closing in their conservation centers that's Forest Service centers and there's two in our region one of them being cast over and Ozark Arkansas and he thought we were close to Oklahoma City and I don't know why I think he was thinking of Guthrie and I said now we're about 30 miles to the Arkansas line and he said you're kidding and I said no he said well he said we looked at your capacity and he said when we open that Center you've had 250 students right now you got 197 can you open up the rest of those dorms and so we had to put a plan together today and get it down there before five o'clock so hopefully we will be able to get some more students in where they kind of speckling staff maybe we'll get some more staff so what he was very complimentary of the work that we've done and he even told us that a TA had some good things to say about all the programs that we've got so we do have some feathers in our hat with Department labor so we're gonna milk it for what it's worth our TANF is continuing Brenda and contracts has been working on trying to get all that stuff done we've got several meetings we've been meeting with the Jaime and them on the start up so we're looking at October 4 starting at an F and we're working on getting our offices expanded been working with Chief and Chuck on that as far as our space and then with our summer youth programs starting second week in June it'll go up for about six weeks and then we also have our interns so I know that George will be in contact with you all to meet with our interns and we'll probably have a reception for I know that with the information that I sent you if you've got any questions about any of it I'm here to answer it and I'm also got some backup Sibbi have any questions for Diane I did notice and I just want to make a comment real quick Harley I noticed in your report when you attended the 40th National Indian Native American employment and training four seven seven conference they gave you some type of gift and it has strawberries on it [Laughter] Harley go yeah I know one of the reports I think was ran through program yeah it's listed in several counties that's I guess they get a hundred percent services and then there's about four five County no no Delabar one of that part of the county why is that part of it County it can be Ottawa County well there's like Delaware maze you know any parts of delvar made McIntyre Muscovy Ottawa Rogers Tulsa black and it says in parts why why isn't the whole county is my question yet well it is the hull County but for this monthly report he just reported that they were in parts of that County okay well I guess it's accounting confusing when I read it I apologize I'm sorry Hanna Cherokee 94 can conjure addiction Oklahoma hey there Cherokee Craig no artist koi in Northland counties and parts than olicity of the county that's that's because for this bus for this report he was just in parts of those counties okay gotcha thank you any other questions okay there were some questions regarding Tarot policies which you have been provided a copy and some councillors reached out to me wanting to have a little more discussion about this and if there is discussion in general terms about the policies and steps that we take to discipline companies that contract with us we will discuss that those of you that want to discuss in particular do not do it on camera so questions that you have think about them in those terms and then if we need to go into executive session we will dick and Harley in particular I think had some questions to bring forward yes tell me it's not about a particular company is it's about companies and whole and what I'm talking about is companies that it did work for us there's a tribe companies not not performing they either go out of business and then they form another company and the same persons in charge they're not in charge that their partners would take an eighty person that is in charge to me I just don't think that's right to keep allowing those companies that had defaulted to keep drawing money from the Cherokee Nation and I guess I'd spoke to Diana a little bit about it and I see her point of where you really can't keep people to doing that and let's be passed a law of a stop it so that's what the discussion was I think I brought it up and rule for discussing next month but this is just as good to talk about it today and maybe we can work something out to keep that from happening it's what I'm trying to do okay do you have a suggestion of what that legislation or policy might look like not right today I have asked our attorney to work on some language on the thing to bring it forward to us madam chair I again as I explained to councilman Buzzard the terror law is for any Indian it is not Cherokee specific and we have people who apply for certification all over the United States they're not coming in to bid on projects for the Cherokee Nation I would say less than half of our people that are on that list come in and bid on projects for the Cherokee Nation it does not preclude you you're a business lady you might have a furniture store but then your daughter may start one up down the street and you may be a partner on that we've got businesses right now where we've got one individual who may be a partner 10% 20% or 49 or 50 on some of these businesses and unless they're doing bad work it needs to be documented in your process whenever they bid on a project there needs to be the language we have in place if someone's not doing adequate work it should be reported there's a process to follow there are steps to follow and we should be following that so we do have the person provisions in place for debarment we have provisions in place for people that are not doing good work and it should be reported and we can do an investigative report but it has to be brought back and follow through all the steps and what we did is we sent you the taro and then we also sense you acquisition management's policy and how that is set up and as long as a business is actually in contact with you and they are letting you know what's going on they are trying to work with you in a good-faith effort this particular business that was brought up in the committee meeting there was some things that was said by various individuals and I've gotten some phone calls as a result because we had a terrible that stepped up to finish the project which really they didn't have to clarify Cherokee Nation my daughter is not in the furniture business a party's going get something drafted up at least to discuss her I think that's word is doing and and so one of the things was that a vendor they had been slow that's great they didn't actually bid on other projects the person who owned the other business that they were a party to that's part of the problem if your yeah well I mean if you sold your business and you decided to work for somebody else and they had the business and they were the ones that stepped up but they didn't bid on the project but if you're a percentage of the you're part of it yeah but you're not the sole owner you're not the one that made the bid I can see what happens yeah 51 51 49 if you're a I've seen 10 and those look strange dude okay well right now in some of the arena's we don't everybody's been debarred or the continues to do not good work and you allow them to come over and slide over to another business and be 10 percent or a hundred percent doesn't matter you're looking at it as a brand-new company I did my brand-new start and so that's how you're looking at is that correct that's correct I think that they're not on debarment list and they haven't been put on any kind of and they've been slow and years slow Diane not 30 days then then I think there was a problem I would agree and there is a process in place for us to follow and that's what has been formed if it was reported to us we would follow it so who have any different directors does somebody have to talk to you to get to the bottom of an issue councilman light there are several people involved if you read the Tarot that will sent out and then you read the acquisition management there's a piece that finance islands there's a piece that I understand you guys don't get either it's a report if it's reported to us yes we do so one of you get a report that's never there has never been anything crossed my desk regarding any of that the first I heard about it was when I heard it on the committee report and then go for how long it's just gone forever but you've never had anybody to the bar and so I'm not saying you are but I'm saying if we've got a vendor that's a bit chewy I think that was the case yes then they slide over to another country and nobody that doesn't raise a flag there is we probably need to go in as a condition let's go ahead we're gonna go into executive session I would ask that Michael and I would like for you to stay is is Willard here yeah he's here okay we are going to discuss a particular contract with a particular vendor okay let me let me let us state my my feeling on this here there is protection for an employee if you are going to discuss a particular employee and whether to maintain their employment heaven fire and I think a business should be afforded the same protection if they contract with the nation would that not be I mean I realize it's not an employment contract but there were names mentioned in the last committee meeting like the 13th the reason that council contends enter executive session is a when the discussion shall concern employment retention or discharged a personnel question and moral turpitude of any citizen is discussed or season is a forum of the audience shall prejudiced orderly administration of business okay if a citizen were involved in this discussion yes that's a question for you I did not think a what what I understand that we may be talking about is potential for Asian performance of the contract I don't think that's moreover with moral turpitude being the excitation that they are trying to pull something over on taro by restructuring I my advice you you all can take advice about going into it from your counsel I advised to administrative staff is that I don't think this is Robert executive session the alternative is to have small group meetings where we don't have a forum to talk about specifics but anything to add that would change my opinion and that's exactly what it says it depends on how you are going to find employment personnel or moral turpitude of any citizen that could be defined probably narrowly you know I guess my concern is women's councils ability to do conduct business well I think personnel with yeah and talk about who they are and there's no violation there not because there's some bachelor differences about what has happened or not fit I don't I don't believe that this is a proper executive session and their constitution and the council isn't happy added there are other reasons that other public bodies can go into executive sessions that are wider there probably is the council are only the solution and again I'm not telling you all ought to because I'm not for you but I people that have been asked you're saying we can go into executive session but nobody can stand that could answer that I don't believe I can't make it what does it go over the reasons why we can on the executive session when the discussion and this is from section 6 of the legislative section of the Constitution a when the discussions concerning retention or discharge their personnel okay so it involves employment but doesn't it bother this charge go in well these two yeah it's a little gray area there what'd you guys think wait a minute decision click yes yeah we do one or the other okay let me ask this how many people are I am satisfied after discussing this at length with the various directors involved I am satisfied with the answers that I got if we have less than quorum that are not satisfied I would suggest we take a short recess let less than quorum discuss with the directors that are here get all their questions answered and then we come back and go do it without an executive session so I thought dick was so well let me just because I think he's gonna want to stay regardless I think Carly's gonna want to stay regardless well I'm gonna say this and I'm not saying any of our directors or managers haven't done their jobs but I think if this don't come to the front if the directors have got together I don't think we'd be facing this problem now but I think there's there's language in this policy right here that would have taken care of it if they got together and discussed this person but his contractor well and and that was one thing that I found out in kind of doing the back story on it was that there were policies in place and there's been we did this in 2014 remember we spent an extended period of time working on a stove there has been some turnover in different departments and perhaps everybody was not aware of the policies and procedures to go out that's what I can offer is a recess for those that still have questions the rest of us will leave you'll do it less than forum take about ten minutes and discuss it and then we'll come back in and open the meeting back up well you know okay where I'm coming from I'm chairs we heart weak heart person or a company to do these jobs they linger on for two years and don't have it done who suffers the Cherokee people it's our people that suffers over this guide is not getting the job done we can't do anything about it okay second okay so does the ante but do you have something to say you know yeah open session um you know just just because you know we're I feel like myself I want to learn all I can from you know both angles there's not really sides but you know so I you know me stepping out is that saying I don't really want to learn any more about it I I'm I plan to stay here cuz I don't know all I can about it so why I'm saying is for myself I went around after that meeting ask all the questions what exactly went down what was the solution what do we have in place I am satisfied with the answers that I got so I don't necessarily need to stay if we want to do a break and like I said less than warm so only eight people can stay what district is it in can I ask that I'm not even come on but it but it pertains to help yes the issue is I think you all know we have been sued in relation to this so we may be somewhat limited in the Boston listen Emily not works other problems it's not public that even what we there's a lawsuit pending on this not not bye-bye competitor of is this is this when is this laughs it going to take place well they don't feel comfortable them and then discussing too much here with the court ruling ended all right Shambo has a very general Jeremy what is the lawsuit what is what is the lawsuit saying someone who was not a word in a bid has and the company that I believe you all are talking about wasn't word of the bid and the person who was not awarded the bid has sued saying that the process of awarding kids was not followed nicely okay so it's not it's related because we're talking about happening and the only other thing the only other comment I would make with the generalised comment and this I guess is this mod would be my problem with all of it if situation with any company that we deal with would be if a company is hired to do a job and the job is not finished to satisfaction or timely manner then I don't think we should be awarding other contracts to that company until they get that job finished that's my my big deal that's all I have to say I would hmm we withdrew the executive session we're not going to do that I would encourage any of you that still have remaining questions about this to reach out probably go through Diane and then if it's on the procurement side or if it's on the Tarot side or if it's on another side she will disperse those because I do want everybody's questions answered we just can't do it the way I wanted to do it so madam chair I didn't reach out to her three of you are and I did discuss it with you so I did did do my due diligence on that but I didn't do it for everybody because some of you are can get homeless children I had sent out email saying we were gonna do an executive session bring your questions so but you know I realize I could so Kristy I do have one question is is there anything that we can do to afford a business I believe as a business owner but the name of your business should be I mean you have a reputation just like an individual does and I feel like they should have that protection to not be discussed in an open meeting if somebody has a beef with them is there anything that we can do as a legislative body or does it have to be a constitutional amendment to afford that protection to business entities as well I think it has to be a constitutional memento obsession for a bit you could say that we're not going to pay the name of this company in the meeting or you know part of that too is when you're doing business with the government you expose yourself so a little more access to your information and then private businesses too because once a bid is awarded that's the public document that can be void we in relation to this again this is all public goods requests for photos are public we had a FOIA request for change orders related to this contract and that was W if you're contracting with a private entity no one can get that information they don't see contracts and I see change orders but when you do business with the government as as a business you kind of open yourself up to a little more a little more than public okay they're good madam chair the one thing that I would caution in I had phone calls from a couple of businesses that were listening to the stream and they just said you know that there is a new diligence you know you need to hear the other side of the contractor and when comments are made that they need to be put on a debarment list you don't know the whole story and they need to be school you need to scold them or you need to do something or take them off of the list so they can't be it need to hear both sides of the facts I agree with that and since they are not we can't have all 800 of our Tara businesses at every meeting just in case their name comes up that's another reason I feel like they should get some protection and it's gonna be hard for us to get get some of those businesses certified if this is an open forum for that for that to continue if you have any question or please please don't leave them unanswered reach out and get a minute I think any of us would be glad to visit with any of you are regarding any of this at any given time alright so if anybody had any other questions for Dianne regarding other parts of her report okay ten seconds I'll say this for our conversation and I appreciate you calling me and one thing that would greatly help this council is you know we don't hear everything and that's and that's the truth and we can only react on what we hear so if there is another side to a story then we need to hear that side whether it's from an agency head or whoever's up here reporting if you know if we are if we are only to hear a certain portion of what's going on there we see a I read this much of what's going on and we react to what we read and if there's this much more to be known about it we need to know about this side too and if it's not presented to us and we don't know then that's really not our fault that we can't react upon anything that we don't know about I agree and and I will do my best to follow back up and get you the information I know with Health Committee ask some questions about the OSU Medical in the contractor I provided all that information that day and I know some of y'all chair other committees I know we got brought up in health we got brought up in Community Services and I told you nice I said I guess I just need to sit in there the whole day but I don't I've got other things to do but if there is something that is going to be terror-related in your committee and you know that if you'll let us know ahead of time we'll try to respond to it or we're going to make sure we're here at the committee meeting in the future thank you thank you okay okay brings us down to our consent items and you do have Tarot certifications in the book so I would entertain a motion to certify and recertify certifications favor any opposition okay community assistance we've got a new list on your desk does have one addition for a counselor Shambaugh 754 oaks mission school did this last month – that name slips me but I added them last month those with you would should be yeah yeah 1580 canny reserve coalition my job and you had wine so once you get into law enforcement give me a motion to prevent okay I'm gonna go ahead and do sports teams are some big ones another motion neck motion motion are second for sports teams on is in favor the opposition looks like there's one new livestock Brian move to approve got a motion in a second on livestock okay okay Road star some new ones [Applause] pending the budget mods that was in your book replaced with a budget mod on your desk another reason that I'm proud to be Cherokee today a disaster relief and we've also had people call us offering donations to help with it because we have been so hard hit and that just makes my heart swell so we are making that that's what this 50,000 is is a mechanism to receive those donations in so we're just kind of setting up a place to receive those and then we're moving 200,000 around to make up the 250 that loom at this point putting into this disaster relief so to be a charity today is rest of it just grant yes certainly this is an act amending legislative act 22-18 authorizing the comprehensive operating bus for fiscal year 2019 mod 8 and declaring and emergency would you say 8a please 8a thank you got a motion in a second to approve the budget mod 8a all those in favor position okay announcements I got one question for Jody okay yes you include my eye it's going in this mail in this week's beyond the lesson said okay yeah I forgot that we had today's and I was trying to getting on the mailer for we've got two others they had next to me for the two weeks a moment guys what's gonna be the turnaround for the payment to these disaster relief people this this actually won't be actually payments to the any individuals this was the budget for our workers and stuff that are you insinuated that we need to get them paid so basically what this money is for us for us to expense and relief efforts so many supplies hotel stays food temporary accommodations for hotels so that we cover those expenses we fully expected we'll get 100% reimbursement from FEMA what and so one of the things that we didn't talk about a lot today is recovery effort moving forward for the first couple of weeks we've been strictly focused on getting people into safe locations making sure they're okay we are making planes of prep reels of recovery efforts leading over the next several months another to 18 months for assistance from FEMA had several other organizations to try and make all citizens hold back so this money's actually just to cover our expenses those people to make sure that let me get me Dermot and one quick comment on the disaster Italy in 1996-97 with Charles head we declared a emergency or disaster as a try we can wait on the federal government I think you remember that and we were awarded not only 14 counties we were awarded 17 counties we were in the Osage country that's when we had that drought with farmers and we were taking hay to Texas in all these places you might look at that and see if we can't get I know the governor declares a stir here but we may be able to expand on those counties makes it since for us to go record all of them or only those I just I think she just answered it so we are gonna submit what we've done for reimbursement yes okay he contracted every expense every drop of fuel every time motor turns over we're keeping track of that as well as a staff and so we fully expect that and that's part of what that team from Florida the Marshall reference their hair the next person to make sure that we get both reimbursed and a recovery efforts sustained okay thank you okay and then you said you had an announcement yeah so the announcement I want to make and I will send you after the link later on today if you do get phone calls with people that want to give back to the Cherokee Nation and disaster relief link up our website I think thankful to finance an IT for getting that set up very quickly there is a natural disasters of 2019 they can specify that on their the minimum donation is $25 I'll send that link out to you guys should you give people outside asking I think you can support have that link good I just want to say Mary we missed you today it's not the same when everybody's not here we'll hope you're back with us in June that's where jerk you