imagine this you're into the color blue it's the best color ever obviously it started in childhood works its way into adulthood your clothes and you style your still blue eyes that mesmerize at least that's what your friends say and their eye and just yesterday you got a certified pre-owned GMC Terrain in dark sapphire blue metallic of course but then you saw her she said call me red and it was in that moment you realize you never gave fair consideration to the other colors and maybe there's more to life than blue and epiphany of this magnitude leads you to take drastic action and it's no problem at all because every Chevrolet Buick and GMC certified pre-owned vehicle comes with a 3-day 150 mile exchange policy so you can swap out true blue for this rad red ride a real benefit you don't give us used get real benefits and real happily ever afters with Chevrolet Buick and GMC certified pre-owned vehicles want to hear another story