Bolivia’s interim government has vowed to jail former leader Evo Morales for life for “terrorism”, according to reports  Interior minister Arturo Murillo of Bolivia’s right-wing interim government claims Mr Morales incited anti-government protests which he claims amount to terrorism, according to The Guardian  During an interview with the paper, Mr Murillo said an audio recording supposedly showing Mr Morales giving such instructions was “definitive” proof of the alleged crime and said he was “200 per cent” certain it was true    He said: “This is terrorism and this is sedition. We have asked for the maximum sentence of 30 years in prison  “Any terrorist should spend the rest of their life in prison – any terrorist – Evo Morales or whoever It’s not about whether you’re an ex-president or white or black or a campesino.  “In fact, it’s even worse when it’s an ex-president An ex-president should be sentenced twice over because people trust in their president ”  But Mr Morales has rejected the accusations and claims they are merely a ploy to stop him returning to his country, although he apparently didn’t rule out the audio being genuine  According to The Guardian, he said: “I talk to everyone who calls me. Sometimes I don’t know them Sometimes they seek guidance.”  The left-wing politician was forced to flee his country to Mexico after the army urged him to quit  Violent protests crippled parts of the country since his resignation which Mr Morales claims is a military coup  According to Reuters, at least 29 people have been killed in clashes between security forces and protesters since he resigned  The country has been in disarray since last month’s presidential election.  Mr Morales claims he won but this is disputed by opposition parties  Bolivian lawmakers on Saturday unanimously approved a measure calling for new presidential elections that would exclude the former leader  Interim President Jeanine Anez tweeted that she would promulgate the bill into law Sunday morning  She said: “I want to thank our parliamentarians for having understood and heard the demands of the Bolivian people ”  Additional reporting by agencies