Every government will use advanced tech for spying: Wealth advisor | Squawk Box Europe

Every government will use advanced tech for spying: Wealth advisor | Squawk Box Europe

May 16, 2019

high-level talks between the United States and China continue in Washington today with just one week to go until a u.s. imposed deadline for triggering higher tariffs on Beijing President Trump will later meet with Chinese Vice Premier Li of her at the Oval Office in a bid to break the deadlock meanwhile we get to talk about 6g again President Trump appeared to soften his stance on Huawei in a series of odd tweets Trump said quote I want 5g and even 6g technology in the United States as soon as possible can we have 6g as soon as possible when 5g is what 2022 in terms of being fully operational and we don't even know what 6g just too high what it is 6g will be ESP right galaxies like you pointed out this morning they're already putting chips in our head Karen did you know that it's only the silver foil that you have in your teeth that stops the transmission the internet of people not into those things anyway Trump went on to say I want the u.s. to win through competition not by blocking out more advanced technologies the tweets were bizarre since 6g technology does not exist as we know about Trump did not directly mention far away the company has been at the forefront of 5g development but the US has banned its technology for government use several fears it could be used for Beijing spying but just a quick line on this because I think it's quite key where the highway could now be a chip for negotiation after all of this push to block it from allies there has been a 2017 law that effectively means Chinese companies have to cooperate with Chinese intelligence if requested and that's been a stumbling block for our way so is that part of negotiations now around trade when we talk about structural changes just throwing it out there so if the NSA phones you up in America and says we're worried about a certain individual who we suspect has been engaging in potentially insightful terrorist activity will the technology company in the United States refused to give the NSA that information I don't think so I don't think so either I think every I think every government does the same thing and if they if they say they aren't they're lying everybody is going to be using this ticklin the advanced technologies for heaven's sakes if they can listen to us all and Alexa and are having our coffee in the morning you don't think we haven't hacked into the the technology for the Chinese companies as they've hacked into ours this is a battle that goes on behind the scenes and I think it's a bit of a PR stunt you know because honestly this is we're in we're on in untested waters to you know facial just look at the facial recognition technology their DNA a technology there's so many ways to spy on people today and and every government is going to use every single advantage they can the one obstruction to that I guess is Apple they've kind of been outspoken in the past about how they won't share they won't share data or indeed communications with with government agencies and that's kind of been not their USP but you know that's been one of the reasons that they've kind of gone to consumers and said look what we do will protect you from from government when it comes to national security that dissidents over everything and I don't care what Apple's I just don't wear them hi I'm Johanna Versace and thank you for watching you can check out more of our videos by clicking on the boxes on the screen and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more from CNBC international thank you for watching

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