Hello, I am miss manners, also known as the English Lady or ‘gori mam’ from Lagaan, etc etc. So, this white lady is here once again to teach you… such a pity! In everyday life we keep expressing our views on every random thing. You guys get extremely difficult to handle in the comments section of my videos, but can’t help it… Anyhow I just can’t take you seriously! But on one day, your opinion is valued no matter who you are. That day is Voting Day. So in today’s class let’s see the Etiquettes of voting! So Bigg boss, little champs, Favourite Dancer, Best Mother in law and Sister in law all receive your enthusiastic votes! But now is the time to vote for insignificant categories like MPs / MLAs. This has 2 benefits First, you know whom hold accountable for the next 5 years and plus you get the bragging rights. The most important among all Voting Etiquettes is to gather information about the candidates. You take a lot of effort stalking cute guys/girls on Facebook/Instagram, just take half the amount of effort to go on the state’s CEO website and get to know the candidate. Don’t give importance to what their caste/religion is. Just ask them 2 questions, what work they have done before and if they have taken a bath! Also don’t accept any sort of gift or ‘Chai-pani’ from him because taking a bribe from the candidate is as shameful as making videos on stupid apps. I know your laziness will definitely give you 1000 reasons to not vote, But just remember that’s why you are single too. Not because you don’t vote but because your are lazy. Lastly I’ll tell you, after voting do not forget to post a photo with your finger on social media and after you choose your MLA subscribe to BHADIPA with full majority. Jay BhaDiPa! If you’ve already voted, let us know in the poll attached! If you haven’t yet, still tell us! And follow the etiquettes. My well-mannered babies!