What to do revenge your crew we are the yes lock revenge’s and Right now I am in manbo. Maybe there’ll be somebody else But right now I’m your man go and you can catch me at my reproductions on your Instagram applications You can also catch me on Twitter at Merrill product 1 then on there is frequent losses that shit, but I’ll see you phonies I’m Instagramming a and W triple easy triple wife and so we wanted to discuss a video There’s really interesting because a because we have a child that’s in this age range. We have two extra that are pretty close Yeah And so there’s a limited school in Indiana that has decided to outlaw Dating for their students students an elementary school yeah, and so the particular problem was with the fifth grade class of 75 5th graders in this particular school and They I guess a lot of them who’ve been dating and the break up to make up thing has caused issues in the classroom Where the children are struggling with you know, they’re going through their emotional issues instead of focus on school, right? So the teachers the 5th grade teachers men banded together to decide to stop this So, let’s see. What a mom of one of the students has to say about the situation He came home really upset He Girlfriend and you’re like a unknown? They they can’t they can’t do that Brianna Bauer says teachers first talked to her 10 year old son and other fifth graders Bauer Also received a text from his teacher that morning. They’re telling my kid. He’s a pic if it’s a girlfriend before You have my consent she can talk to him That’s like that’s that’s a print Choice the letter sent home Wednesday read in part to combat students having broken hearts. We have implemented a zero dating policy Students were given, Tuesday and Wednesday to make sure that relationships have ended they worry about the heartbreak But what about the anxiety that comes with that others agree with the school? First of all, that shouldn’t even mean going on in school Sending a letter home. He’s probably letting the parents know that there is some things going on. It’s still it shouldn’t they say? Yeah, it’s sending a letter home is probably a good thing The greater Clark County School District says it received concerns from two parents The school has 75 fifth graders the district in Riverside elementary sent a statement to WDRB and emailed parents Thursday it said in part in Retrospect the phrases zero dating policy and the request to take Tuesday and Wednesday to end relationships Misrepresented the intentions of the teachers while the team of teachers were trying to protect students the wording is what caused alarm Your statement does not specify a district spokesperson tells WDRB the teachers are no longer encouraging and in forcing students to end relationships Okay So we have we have two children We have a 12 year old with three but the ones that are closest today this age ones 8 and ones 12 So right on the opposite sides, I think that the school should have sent that Letter home saying this needs to be enforced We are here to learn. We’re not here to have makeup and breakups in the classroom your students although should be focusing on emotional like growth That’s I mean, they have friends and stuff like they shouldn’t be having, you know relationship problems at 10 years old They should have sent that Letter out first and that the parents handle it saying hey, this is causing issues If you don’t address it, then we will but they should have given the parents opportunity to do so Yeah, making any kind of sweeping change without discussing it with parents is not very smart by any schools today We’re not really thinking with this which listen it happens. My thing is, you know, our oldest hasn’t really approached dating yet He’s not that interesting. I’m He wants to keep that for a while. That’s fine What do you think about tenure I was dating and let me I was dating I think that’s kind of normal. Like they have little boyfriends and girlfriends hold hands, whatever Was a winning part of this thing that I read where one this I don’t know this woman in particular It was another fifth grade parent where he was told he had to break up with his girlfriend and he was distraught but she said there was no romantic between them they held hands and like they were like best friends more so than they were, you know doing anything of the And that’s when the parent would just step in saying hey, you can still be friends with them You can still have your little girlfriend or whatever It’s like my mom would’ve said it or I’m sure your mom like okay you and your little girlfriend But that stays out of school like that’s recess and that’s before and after school if it’s in school No, wait, yeah I actually really personally I don’t have a problem with the actual Thought process behind it’s not policy that they’re trying to instill because it does seem like yo If and I can see how because kids that is very emotional and Lois thinking can set them off And so if they have a breakup 10 minutes before the class, they never be focused. So I definitely see you know Like nothing focus being moody disruptive and so I get why if the teachers did it and I don’t disagree with them I think they should have done it a different way But I mean this this mom saying well, this is causing my kid anxiety Well having relationships is also causing your kid anxiety if they can’t focus in class Yeah, and I think that they really got to be more of a case-by-case basis with this whole thing You know, like I said in the beginning making sweeping declarations and changes without a full discussion is crazy, but you know We also got a lien on parents and I think more institutions need to lean on parents to actively parent their children Cuz let’s face it. Some of us do a great job something to do a terrible job We’re all bad at some point. But you know really is dependent on the parent to have those conversations No, absolutely I get why she’s upset because they told them that I needed to stop But any week the kids out of something sounds like it was a human ufff problem too where they had to do it So, I mean, I don’t know so tell us what kind of stories you have about any of your children dating how active they are but you know what aids inside what you’re comfortable with what your rules are around it or if these situations have occurred at Your child’s school, right and rocky with this man. Go ahead and give us a like and a subscribe We want to hear your opinions on this particular situation if there’s other situations that we need to maybe check out. Let us know We’ll see you next video