So, what should we do now? We wait until they leave. And what if they don’t? Then we escape from the gas station and leave! Not a bad idea! Maybe we should order some pizza while waiting! Few hours earlier… Both sides of the road are blocked. We cannot escape. Even if we escape, still there are lots of Crash Test Zombies out there! There’s always a way. Let’s go guys. I drive… And what is your plan exactly? This is my plan! Oh boy… I rather stay with Crash Test Zombies than being in this car! You’re welcome to leave anytime! Take it easy guys! We must help each other to survive! You’re going so fast! It’s only 40! 40 is too much in this fog! See what have you done? Guys! Please! Let’s go to the gas station and rest. What about the plan? We need a car! Let’s rest first. Agree! We need to rest. We cannot think straight if tired! OK! But it’s still your fault. We could stay at the hilltop! Few hours later… So, what are we waiting for? Waiting for the zombies to break the glass and get inside! Guys guys! Please don’t waste your energy for nonesense arguments. So, what do you suggest? We wait until they leave… And if they don’t? Did you hear that? Hear what? There’s a bus outside! Let’s go chek! What if they are the same bus group that attacked us? We never figure it out unless we go out! He’s correct! We should try all the possibilities! Oh yeah! I forgot your name, Mr. everything is possible! So, the bus guy actually helped us unintentionally! So, now what? We just continue with the plan. What was the plan again? We just wander around until the car stops? It is called exploration! Yeah! There’s always a nice term for everything! Guys! please! Let’s move on. No more argument! Yeah! Let’s go! OK! Let’s go!