In 2002, I went back to Saigon now called
Ho Chi Minh City to work in the US Consulate General as a contractor. While
I was there I became interested in the history particularly of American
installations and I noticed that the original sidewalk was still there in
some places however the following year 2003 in connection with Southeast Asia
Games, a kind of regional Olympics the Vietnamese government decided to tear up
the old sidewalk and they were out there with jackhammers and pieces of it
were lying around and this is a sidewalk on which the battle in 1968, the time of
Tet, was actually fought which U.S. MPs and Marines and State Department
security officers were outside on that sidewalk so I picked up a piece of this
sidewalk and took it home and then I decided to take back some more which I
did, so this is a real link with the events in 1968 and the US Embassy at
that time