To travel South Moravia, the most usual
and comfortable it is to use one of the many trains departing from Prague. Visiting the area
with some host also would be ideal, and as a third option to rent a car. Depending on the season you can camp
in thousands of green acres surrounding this region. Southern Moravia and generally
the Czech Republic is a place extremely safe compared with capitals and crowded cities. The Czech Koruna is a favorable currency.
Unlike the rest of Europe, Czech Republic refused to adopt the Euro, which
served to maintain an economy more stable than several neighbours. Getting out of Prague is important since the authentic
Czech republic is in the people’s traditions, in their traditional celebrations
in the great outdoors. If you want to see a Czech Republic without tourist makeup perhaps the Moravia region can teach you some few hidden treasures such those which are UNESCO World Heritage. My first stop is in Lednice.
The reason: A wonderful castle with an impressive collection of antiques;
a natural reserve full of wild birds and vegetation of the area, and a very high
minaret that serves as balcony to appreciate all the landscape. Totally worth to know this historic region
full of treasures. Today we will discover the fabulous Lednice castle. Originated in the thirteenth century, the castle was
gradualmante modified to become the summer residence of the Lichtenstein family. (Prince) There he is. I heard a strange noise
and there was hidden beneath the castle. It has taken many steps to climb right
here but I want to show you the fabulous landscape. All gardens are now a great heritage of UNESCO. In the background is the main castle.
And looking down can be seen the height from where I am to this place. MIKULOV After the long walk I travel to Mikulov
A remarkable place in southern Moravia known by excellent wines, landscapes, and charming
town. Let me show you: There is enough accommodation in the region so
is the last thing you have to worry. If you want to reserve something
go to The place is full of hostels and pensions
so it should not be a problem for anyone stay a couple of nights to explore the surroundings. I’m under the medieval tower on a hill.
This medieval tower was used as surveillance. And I want to show you the place I just arrived
where I’m going to spend the night. It has a wonderful, splendid and amazing view. I will sleep here. It has a small lounge and you can see
through the window that the place is awesome. Preety nice. Is very fresh in here while outside
there is a hot weather. In Mikulov accommodation offering is diverse, and thankfully, economic. To my good omen I stayed at this wonderful place. With this bright day, a wonderful place with beautiful decor and a clean bed, one can not feel less worthy and ready to go to a castle. This is the room where I’m staying just this small door that has this fabulous view o the other side. This accommodation is located on a hill,
making its prime location. At the same time, beneath is a rustic and very
old restaurant which includes a winery inside a cave. The temperature is ideal
for wines and demonstration can not be less than impressive. This afternoon I am staying in a fabulous location.
They are roughly eight in the evening and a few steps from here we have a viewpoint that
I’m about to ascend. We will see how looks all around from that point. Behind me is a place which translated
would be something like “little holy hill”. At the top there’s a roman style church and a roundabout. To get there you have to climb through the roads who followed former pilgrims. At this time I am on the terrace of the Mikulov
Castle. It’s a pretty old place, but “preety old place” doesn’t means nothing here.
Let’s look inside. Getting into any of the castles of this
part of Europe is like traveling in time. Unfortunately almost never give guidelines
information in Spanish, and barely a pamphlet in English if they have it. Usually they serve with more emphasis on Russian, Polish, Slovak, German and Czech visits. Even so, that does not detract the worth to visit any
of these places. You will be amazed by the antique relics kept. Such
as furs and ivory from old safaris from the nobility to Africa. Machines and strange technology huge leather-bound books, iron armors,
swords, shields, toiletries, intact baby rooms
with medieval toys and decorations from the past. The castle is located in Southern Moravia,
very close to the Austrian border, in a fruitful wine region. It was founded in the thirteenth century and the
current result is a reconstruction that occurred
between 1719 and 1730. In the basement you can see a huge Renassaince barrel
of Wine, dating from 1643 and is one of the largest wine barrels in
Central Europe. CAVES MIKULOV The Moravian region is full of amazing
caves everywhere, making it easy to explore. Many of them are a mystery to investigate,
others are open all year. Amazing stones like this can be found
around the cave. There are very extravagant minerals. Now we’re descending by one of the
longer and ancient caves of Southern Moravia. In this part of the cavern can be seen lime formations
which are those in here who seems like pop-corn. The cave is full of stalactites
and even bats There’s an exhbition of quite old samples
of minerals that has been collected during the excavation of the caves. This place has groundwater which
rise at least 10 feet above in winter season. This region has suffered many floods
and it’s possible to enter into the depths across many labyrinths. The level that you can see is actually quite low. To be continued.