This is Kim As a training professional, Kim must ensure that all her employees stay up-to-date with her company’s most current policies and procedures. As an Administrator, every time there is a company-wide policy change, she needs to present the change to all her employees immediately. The hassle of creating dozens or even hundreds of copies of each document and then sending those copies to on-the-job employees is tremendous. Even using smart systems, it has always been a major effort, and only one of her many responsibilities. Now Kim uses Edmego, and all that extra work is a thing of the past. With the automated Policy Compliance Manager tool, she can now instantly notify all her employees of policy changes, and collect easy digital sign-offs. This greatly reduces her company’s liabilities, not to mention lifting a huge burden off her shoulders. With Edmego’s Policy Compliance Manager tool, she can now automate her company’s policy management with just a few clicks. Anytime a change in her company’s policies occurs, she simply edits the policy in and a read and sign request will automatically be sent to every user associated with the change. Kim’s life has become much simpler with the help and intelligence of Edmego. She wonders how she ever lived without it. See for yourself. Fill out the free demo form and give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.