Hey man! I’ll be there in few minutes. OK, just wait for me. I’ll be there in 20 minutes. You’re always late! OK, I go to the beach. Give me a call when you’re there. Let’s see if there’s anything interesting in this beach! I like this beach! Let’s go talk to this babe! She looks so lonely! Dummy: Hello babe! Babe: Hi, can I help you? Dummy: In fact, I’m here to help you! Babe: But I don’t need any help! Dummy: Yes you do. You’re lonely and I’m here for you! Babe: Why don’t you look into my eys? Are you shy? Dummy: Oops! Babe: In fact, I may need your help. Dummy: At your service! Babe: Great! Do you like to be my partner? Dummy: Yes, I do! So, we can go to a bar or club tonight? Babe: Not exactly. It’s more like an exercise partner. Dummy: What should I do? Babe: In fact, you don’t have to do anything. I’ll do it all. Dummy: OK. I’m all in! Dummy: It feels so good! What is the plan for tonight? Babe: I need to rest tonight. Tomorrow, we can see each other again here.