USM offers a dual degree between the MBA
program and the Muskie School and the dual degree is MBA Masters of Public
Health and the purpose of the degree is to better train everyone particularly
people in the public health field in management systems, accounting finance
systems, so they could be much better administrators and we set the degree up
with a lot of sharing of courses between the two programs so they can get through
both programs, with two masters degrees, in three years – I decided to pursue the dual
MBA/MPH as soon as I saw it was a possibility online. I saw the need for
more business application in healthcare because the reality was that nothing
really gets done or moves forward unless it is financially viable. And one of the
biggest benefits see for having the business degree as well is that it gives
me the language to speak to so many more people across the industry than just
that the public health degree. So I did my practicum with Martin’s Point healthcare
before I was an employee here And I worked with the IT department to do
requirements gathering and research for an enterprise content management
solution which required us to understand all of the policy and regulations around
dealing with health care data and how that technology integrates with what
they would do with an organization. – For students in the accelerated MBA/MPH
degree, the opportunities probably are going to be with physician practices and
health plans, because the challenge now is to balance
value for money, value being the healthcare piece of the picture, money being the MBA piece of the picture. We need
creative people that have skills that span more than just one perspective – Here at Martin’s Point as the manager of Medicare programs, I’m responsible for
leading many projects and initiatives across the organization that bring
together interdisciplinary teams which I think the MBA/MPH really helps me to do.
I have to bring finance, and clinical staff, care managers, project
leaders, sales people, together toward a common goal. I believe that access to affordable and quality healthcare
is a social justice issue in our community. A lot of people
have historically been denied the type of care and service that they need in order to be active and
productive members in our society. And I think having the MBA
helps to bring this pursuit to fruition by being able to
prove that there are financial gains in the community by pursuing this goal.