– I’m Christina Pham. – And I’m Johannes Kratz. – And we’ve been First
Republic clients since 2012. – I knew that whatever I wanted to do, I think I was very influenced by my father who always told me that the reason that he chose medicine was
cause he wanted to help people. – I want my patients to feel like my goal is just their good health. – We heard about First
Republic through friends. They really recommended, they said it’s a totally
different way of banking, I knew instantly within
the first couple of days after we started using First Republic that it was gonna change our view on banks and our relationship with banks. Something that’s really remarkable is we don’t feel like we’re
clients of First Republic, we feel First Republic is our client and that’s really unique. – With what we’ve seen with First Republic and how they’ve been our
partner through our growth, we’re completely confident that not only will First Republic be
able to grow with us, they’ll also be able
to enable our children to reach their financial goals as well. (uplifting music)