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  1. Illegally elected far left new yorkers and californians holding our justice sytems and rule of law hostage as they over reach and demand things not that not one of them has the security clearance to view or hear.

  2. You really need to shift your reporting to cover John Durham. That's where the good stuff is gonna be. Dems will scatter like hippies at a drug bust. Many will be suicided by Hillary, 4 already have recently.

  3. Barr now you are lying for trump but tomorrow when Trump goes down you will be in jail with him. Trump is Not a right politician. It's a laugh For Russia and Bad for America.🙋

  4. ~"Can't prove a crime" VS🤔Exonerated.~
    Leftist diarrhea of the mouth💩semantics lubricate every moving part of Fake News. Per CNN, defending your reputation publicly against publicly perjured⚖️investigative slander= OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE😂.

  5. There is ZERO evidence that Trump committed any crime.
    Also, any evidence procured illegally,
    say…. like the fake dossier, is inadmissible .
    Clinton and the DNC paid for the manufactured dossier that they used to try to frame President Trump.

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