Are you feeling stagnant at work? Do you need a career ladder? Are you competent
enough to live in this competitive world? It’s time to upgrade your knowledge! Doctor of Business Administration programme! a programme in collaboration with
Victoria University of Switzerland The Victoria University of Switzerland is
ranked among theTop 100 University in Switzerland in 2016 Meanwhile the University is a member of three business accreditations This Doctorate programme is also jointly delivered
with Mantissa College, Malaysia with approval by the Ministry of Education Malaysia and
provisional accreditation by the MQA, meaning that student can complete the programme
at Mantissa College and get the European Qualification upon graduation.
The DBA programme from Victoria University of Switzerland is best described as a research-based
management programme aimed at enhancing managerial capacity to make a significant, original contribution
to business practices. This programme is highly flexible as DBA students
can tailor their studies around their career needs and lifestyle. The DBA Programme provides a practical yet
academically rigorous learning experience for a diverse population of traditional and non-traditional
participants. At Mantissa College, we focus on holistic
education where candidate will take away the following skills for example i) To prepare student for a career in management or consulting at the senior executive level
ii) to prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary in order to conduct meaning
and original empirical research iii) to develop within each student the fundamental
expertise and skills required in order to become a faculty member in an area of business
administration This doctorate programme is designed for both
full time and part time students, those who apply should be able to complete the required
coursework within three years to five years. We hope you embark on your Doctorate journey
with us here and why not upgrade your qualification through our Doctorate programme? Don’t leave
for tomorrow what you can do TODAY!