we're 12 colleges and schools more than 150 departments in a main campus that covers nearly 2000 acres there is so much to know about Texas Tech University so we want to give you an in-depth look throughout the University and let you discover Texas Tech the Rawls College of Business the business world is always changing the markets the trends the jobs and those entering that world need to be prepared there is no better place to prepare them than the Rawls College of Business situated is a grand gateway to the north side of the Texas Tech campus the Rawls College of businesses focus is to recruit retain and educate the next generation of diverse ethical leaders in business and society they're going to get a very sound fundamental education to begin with and we don't train our students to go into a specific industry we educate them so that will stand them in good stead throughout their working career the quality of our incoming students has been going up fairly dramatically over the last few years we're getting better students coming in and we're able to ramp it up a little bit in terms of the education we're providing them coming to this College it's very respected when you say you're a member of the Rawls College of Business no matter what major people recognize and that you're a smart individual you're talented you know reaching toward your goals and it's been a fun ride ever since with more than 4,000 undergraduates in nearly 1,000 graduate students almost 1/5 of students graduating from Texas Tech are from the Rawls College a major factor behind those graduates are the dedicated and award-winning faculty members who are leaders in their fields of expertise we're we are recruiting some of the best people out there bringing them in and unlike some of our peer institutions around the state our students will see their faculty they will be taught by these excellent faculty we're bringing in a lot of the professors in class are very engaging which I appreciate and it is nice to have a cost that you're interested in with a professor who's willing to really be involved in the material besides educating them on the ins and outs of the business world the Rawls college is committed to teaching students necessary skills that will help them in any industry so we are providing them a good education a solid foundation we teach them how to think but probably more importantly and this is something that we hear over and over again from our recruiters they want to hire our students because of the work ethic and I think that's what we are instilling in the students in the Ross College of Business that work ethic I do find that Rawls College of Business students are very well prepared and I think that whether they know the status of the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University or not we make it clear that we're here to work hard we want this job we want to be committed and the Ross College of Business has a number of dedicated support services including the Career Management Center that boasts job placement rates above the national average it's just another way that the Rawls college is committed to its students even after graduation we work with our students not just to educate them but to place them and that's probably one of the biggest strengths our placement rate is last fall's numbers ninety point seven percent let's call it ninety-one percent ninety one percent of our students have a job within weeks of graduation that's phenomenal the facilities with the faculty with the support services we provide man that's a pretty good package you