The results will be applied to a
real-life business situation. We have to think out of the box – we have to use our
applied knowledge through what we gained in the MBA. That experience for me
is something which is the most valuable aspect of the MBA (Advanced) degree from Curtin. The MBA (Advanced) will give them some really great additional opportunities – we
have one unit called applied research project, and in that project we find
students an industry to go and work in. On contractors effectively get to disrupt
what is the traditional recruitment and labour hire market. We thought by
actually putting a problem to the students, it’ll either ratify what we
were thinking, or alternatively it could give us some understanding of what we
might have missed. Our work consisted of coming up with solutions and strategies
for reading about 400 million dollars in five years and about ten million dollars
in the next financial year, and they were looking to venture into new markets.
Coming up with strategies for process improvement, organisational design and
platform development. That kind of experience far exceeds any experience
that you’re going to glean from any textbook, from any classroom situation, it is
really taking the skill sets that you’ve learned and applying that with a real
challenge and real results to get. The first thing was you’re working in an
Australian organisation with people from different nationalities. You have to have
a global holistic approach how to proceed with things, how to look at an
issue and how to come up with a solution for that. We took up the challenge and we
persevered and we delivered. There were a few things that they pointed out that
absolutely blew me away, things that you know, that keep you up at night that
you don’t really share. However, were presented back to me and
you know were presented to me in such a way that really showed that the issue had been underpinned by their own knowledge and they understood what they were doing. I would
rate myself as more of an on borderline introvert, but then the project – it pushed
me to gain more confidence – it came from within. So, it’s all about personal
development – that is a key takeaway for me. It gave me the opportunity of working
in a real-time environment and to look how exactly things happen. Now, I know
that I can work in the industry, and the fact I worked with the Australian
organisation for four months it has added value to my resume also. It’s often
one of the hardest units that they have done – they find it quite challenging – but
the rewards are enormous. Everyone’s happy about it, and still
talking about it, so it’s nice, it’s nice to think about it
right now. Their futures all looking fantastic.