Hi, my name is Thuy Nguyen I am an assistant professor of marketing here at Midwestern State University the reason I chose Wichita Falls because Wichita Falls is such a small Charming inviting and self-sufficient city that offer most everything of the big city, but without its hustling and bustling. Now why? Why did I choose Midwestern State University? Because here at MSU the student, the faculty, the staff, and the administrator only have one common goal and one common go only. That goal is we work together, we put aside our differences to help and prepare our students the necessary skill for them to make positive differences in their lives and in the lives of others. Why did I choose marketing at my field of study? Well, marketing is such an interesting discipline that it provide me personally the opportunity to help our student enhance the values that gained through each and every one of the business either a business or personal exchange through the use of Economics, Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology.