[Talking over each other] But unlike 1974 and president Nixon,
congressional Democrats have so far not convinced a strong majority
of Americans to support impeachment
of president Trump. What we have to do is we have to stop
being obsessed over impeachment, which unfortunately strikes
many Americans like a ballgame where you know what the score
is going to be and start actually digging-in
and solving the problems that got Donald Trump
elected in the first place. – As we face his trial in the Senate,
if the president claims that he is so innocent, then why doesn’t
he have all the president’s men testify? Richard Nixon had his top people testify. – The mayor just recently
had a fundraiser that was held in a wine cave full of
crystals and served $900-a-bottle wine. Think about who comes to that. He had promised that every fundraiser
he would do would be open door, but this one was closed door. We made the decision many years ago
that rich people in smoke-filled rooms would not pick the next
president of the United States. According to Forbes magazine,
I am the literally the only person on this stage who is not a millionaire
or a billionaire. This is important. This is the problem with issuing purity
tests you cannot yourself pass. We need the support from everybody
who is committed to helping us defeat Donald Trump. And I have not denigrated your experience
as a local official. I have been one. I just think you should respect
our experience when you look at how you evaluate someone
who can get things done. Senator, I know that if you just go by
vote totals, maybe what goes on in my city seems small to you. If you want to talk about
the capacity to win, try putting together a coalition
to bring you back to office with 80 percent of the vote
as a gay dude in Mike Pence’s Indiana. A little kid who says, [stuttering]
I can’t I can’t talk. What do I do? I have scores of these young
women and men I keep in contact with. – Senator Sanders, you are the oldest
candidate on stage. –– And I’m white as well! You would turn 82 at the end
of your first term. You’d be the oldest president
in American history. – [Joe Biden] What about Winston Churchill? American history. – Oh, American history.
I was joking. That was a joke. Oh, OK. Politico don’t have much of
a sense of humour. Oh, we’ve got a great sense
of humour. Senator Warren, you would be the oldest
president ever inaugurated. I’d like you to weigh in as well. – I’d also be the youngest woman
ever inaugurated.